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A Random Deed of Mercy

A Nurse Makes an Introduction

I work as a nurse. In one of my rooms, was an elderly woman, originally from Jamaica, a lovely woman. Battling cancer, she was in our department with some other issues.

We talked about faith, and I offered her a rosary. I told her they had been blessed by one of the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy, in Stockbridge, Mass. Her eyes got so big. "Blessed by someone from the Shrine," She said. "You bring the Shrine to me." She was so happy. Another nurse was in the room with me, to help me turn and reposition our patient. I told this lovely patient that we have a secretary from Jamaica, named Carleen, and how nice she was. I told this patient I would like her to meet Carleen, and then I called her into the room and introduced Carleen to the patient and her daughter.

Carleen started to talk about what part of Jamaica she was from, and then she moved closer to shake the hand of this patient. All of a sudden I heard "Auntie Sybil! Is that you? I have not seen you in over 40 years!"

Well, there were, hugs, and lots of tears. I looked up and saw the other nurse in the room crying, wiping his eyes, and he was saying, "I can't believe what you just did! Look at what you did! Can't you feel it? Something happened in this room!" He thanked me for letting him be part of what happened. He went running out into the hall, telling everyone what happened, and in my usual quiet fashion (OK, I'm not that quiet) said, "No, no, what you saw here in this room, what you felt in this room, was the presence of the Merciful Lord."

I ran into that nurse again today, still in awe of what happened. I also ran into the secretary, Carleen. She said, " I took the rosary you gave me a while ago, when I found out I was pregnant, and I have now placed them in my car. I know God will be with me." The she said, "Deborah, I know what you said: 'The Lord was in the room,' but Deborah, you cannot deny. Yes, it is the Lord, and you told us all that, but Deborah, He uses you, and your prayers."

God in his great mercy, gave so many that night the opportunity to witness his merciful love. May He be praised.

— Debbie Slavin

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Our Lord tells us through St. Faustina, "I demand from you deeds of mercy which are to arise out of love for Me" (Diary of St. Faustina, 742).

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