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Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska

The Book That Sparked the Divine Mercy Movement

The Diary chronicles God's message given through St. Faustina to the world to turn to His mercy. In it, we are reminded to trust the Divine Mercy in Jesus and seek His forgiveness. And as Christ is merciful, so, too, are we instructed to be merciful to others. The message of Divine Mercy has become an integral part of Catholic faith, including the celebration of the Feast of Divine Mercy on the Sunday after Easter.

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Send us your Random Deeds

Our Lord tells us through St. Faustina, "I demand from you deeds of mercy which are to arise out of love for Me" (Diary of St. Faustina, 742).

Do you have a Deed of Mercy to share — acts of love, big or small, things you've seen others do, things you've done? Send it to us!

A Random Deed of Mercy

Those Are Tears of Joy

Here's a touching story from Peter James, the volunteer coordinator for the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy:

For the past three years, I have had the privilege of working in the Volunteer Office to support the efforts of Divine Mercy Sunday Weekend here at the Shrine.

Typically, as the time approaches, the number of volunteer applications I process becomes numerous; sometimes it feels overwhelming. To my surprise, on the last day of February I made what I thought would be a routine call to a new volunteer from Florida. Normally, the conversation would go like this: "Thank you so much for volunteering for our Divine Mercy Sunday event in Stockbridge … thank you for volunteering in the Adoration Tent. Let me tell you about the event … Do you have any questions of me? ... I will send a small reminder in March. Thank you so much!"

But for this one particular call, I had not realized my contacting her would bring so much joy. She started crying on the phone at the prospect that the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy would call her, ask her to volunteer in the Adoration candle tent, and would even thank her for her services! She had been here last year, and she could not imagine being a volunteer for this wonderful event.

No matter what words I used, she said, "Thank you, thank you so much, I'm so happy that I can volunteer this year."

How often do I thank the Lord for allowing me to work for Him? Don't the Holy Scriptures say I should cultivate a spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving in all things? (see 1 Thes 5:18). This woman's joy was contagious. She was so happy to be serving our Lord. Thank you Maria for reminding me how all of us play a part in consoling Jesus' Heart, especially those who are seeking His mercy!

— Peter James

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