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Marie has written a spiritual guide for nurses on how to use the Divine Mercy message and devotion with the sick, injured, and dying. Nursing with the Hands of Jesus: A Guide to Nurses for Divine Mercy is a "how-to" pocket sized spiritual guide for nurses and others caring for the sick, injured, and dying - "how to" serve patients' spiritual needs along with their physical needs.

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An Invitation for Spiritual Nursing

The main source of materials for this book is the spiritual diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska of the Blessed Sacrament, known the world over as the "Apostle of Divine Mercy." …

It seems she became the first "Nurse for Divine Mercy" when in the hospital herself for severe tuberculosis, she got out of bed and performed a service for a nearby patient who was calling for help.

Nurses can learn from St. Faustina’s example of perseverance in prayer, devotion to Our Lady and infinite trust in Jesus to bring the message of mercy in The Divine Mercy devotion to their own patients.

I encourage every nurse to take up the challenge of Spiritual Nursing everyday and use The Divine Mercy devotion for care of patients, family, friends and victims of catastrophic events both near and far away.




Marie Romagnano, RN
Founder of Nurses for Divine Mercy Nurses for Divine Mercy is one organization that heeded the call and put mercy into action.

Founded by Marie F. Romagnano, RN, BSN, CRC, CCM, CLCP, as a direct result of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, it now stretches around the world and has special ties with Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine in Lourdes, France and with The National Shrine of The Divine Mercy here on Eden Hill.

Her parish nurse trauma team was called upon by the American Red Cross to go to New York City to help care for the injured. Sadly, there were few survivors and their assistance was not required. The nurses then realized that praying and using the Chaplet of Divine Mercy was the only way to reach the sick and injured.

The spiritual care and support of the dying in emergency situations, carastophic injuries, or in serious or terminal illness is the major objective and mission of this organization.