Marie is a seasoned speaker and is available to speak at your upcoming event. There is a spiritual emergency in the world today. The antidote is Jesus, The Divine Mercy and Our Lady, The Immaculate Conception. Here are a few of the speeches given around the world where Marie was an invited speaker on behalf of Nurses for Divine Mercy. Please enjoy them!

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Divine Mercy Sunday: April 18, 2005
Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Speak to the whole world about My mercy." (1190)
By Marie Romagnano, RN,BSN,CRC,CCM,CLCP

I love being a nurse! I would like to share my thoughts today with all those who care for the sick, injured and dying. This includes professionals and everyone who takes care of Mom and Dad, brothers or sisters or our neighbors.

I am here as an spiritual nurse advocate for every sick or injured person in the world who needs your prayers through The Divine Mercy message and devotion. This is a critical appeal to everyone to focus their prayer life in the direction of using The Divine Mercy message and devotion specifically for the sick, injured and dying.

The spiritual care of the sick and injured should have first priority in conjunction with physical care. This is often overlooked by medical professionals, who may not be trained to call for a priest on a timely basis.

This is a spiritual emergency and it is everyone’s business to make sure the sick and especially trauma patients receive the spiritual care that they need. It is up to YOU, I REPEAT YOU, who already have been blessed with The Divine Mercy message and devotion to reach the professional nurses, physicians, healthcare workers, or family caregivers and share The Divine Mercy message and devotion.


One easy way to do this is by giving this person the new training manual that The Marian Helpers Center has printed for Nurses Mercy. In this pocket sized book you have everything you need to train healthcare providers in the Divine Mercy message and devotion as it applies to the sick, injured and dying.

When you rush to help the sick, you become the merciful presence of Jesus, The Divine Mercy as He transforms our hearts and hands into His merciful Heart and hands. So be excited and happy that Jesus, The Divine Mercy is using your hands and heart to reach the sick, injured and dying.

So YOU demand quality of care spiritually for the sick and YOU make the difference in that person’s life….no one else can do it as Jesus has given each of us that job to spread the Divine Mercy message and devotion.

Founding and Purpose of Nurses for Divine Mercy

I founded Nurses for Divine Mercy as a direct result of the September 11th tragedy. Our St. Ann’s parish nurse team that was mobilizing with the American Red Cross to go to help in New York City that day was in fact told to stay home–just as we were about to leave as there appeared to be few survivors. Even the medical centers in Boston who were frantically making room for patients they were expecting were left empty handed and again our medical team could not volunteer-almost 3,000 persons lost their lives that day.

I realized the best care we could give those trapped and dying was to pray The Divine Mercy Chaplet. I wanted to share this with other nurses and all healthcare workers as the tremendous answer to what to do when you can "do nothing physically" in the middle of a tragedy or faced with a medical situation that is serious. What better help that spiritual help that Jesus gave to St. Faustina as outlined in her Diary-especially with the use of The Divine Mercy Chaplet.

JESUS IS WORTHY OF OUR TRUST, so sharing the promises Jesus gave to us with The Divine Mercy message and devotion in caring for the sick, injured and dying is an act of our own trust in the words of Jesus.

I am inviting and challenging all nurses and healthcare workers to allow Jesus, The Divine Mercy to transform their hearts into His merciful presence. It is the duty and responsibility of every nurse to incorporate the pastoral counseling team with your nursing duties-never delay in calling for a priest or the pastoral choice of your patient. Let your heart be the window that allows the rays of mercy to pass through you to your suffering patients.

Jesus told St. Faustina:
"These rays of mercy will pass through you, just as they have passed through this Host, and they will go out through all the world." (441)

If you take this message from Jesus personally, that includes all of us. Each nurse must realize the grave situation spiritually the world is in today. I urge every nurse to take control of each medical situation and insist on the spiritual care of the injured and dying, and be positively sure the patient receives the benefit of The Anointing of the Sick, The Sacrament of Reconciliation and Holy Communion whenever possible.

Everyone knows a medical person, share The Divine Mercy message and devotion with them-who knows-they may take care of YOUR loved on someday. If we do not take the time and make the effort to train the medical community, the continuation of medical ethics challenges will continue unbridled. Last year, I gave a pack of the Divine Mercy Images to my spiritual director, Fr. Jim Montanaro, OMV as he was giving a parish mission. I was surprised when he called me from New Jersey and asked me to call a nurse who wanted to become a Nurse for Divine Mercy. Naturally, I was excited to talk to her…then in the next breath Fr. Jim told me "By the way, she has a brain tumor". Wow!!! A critically ill nurse wanting to help the sick? As an Intensive Care Nurse, Grace knew what to expect, but did not realize how this tumor would take a toll on her physically and emotionally. When she told me she took that Image of The Divine Mercy into chemotherapy and radiation treatments I was profoundly affected by the grace of Jesus working through me as a nurse spiritual advocate. I had no idea how much hope this Image of Jesus gave Grace with the message of mercy. As we have become good friends, we pray together The Divine Mercy Chaplet over the phone together as well as other prayers.

When a nurse takes on the physical care of the sick, there is just as much responsibility to render spiritual care-the two goes hand in hand. So receiving the correct spiritual training in The Divine Mercy message and devotion in the care of the sick, injured and dying is a part of your nursing vocation and spirituality.

Developing a Nursing Care Plan that includes the spiritual aspect of patient care is important, and in fact can enhance the recovery of the patient. The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is utilized for this purpose and the nurse may be a key person in calling for the priest.

Jesus tells us through St. Faustina:
"My daughter, write that the greater the misery of a soul, the greater its right to My mercy; [urge] all souls to trust in the unfathomable abyss of My mercy, because I want to save them all. On the cross, the fountain of My mercy was opened wide by the lance for all souls - no one have I excluded!" (1182)

So do not be afraid to include non-Catholics in The Divine Mercy message and devotion.

Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, MIC, Postulator for the Canonization of St. Faustina taught me the following:

Nurses, when uniting their work with the passion of Jesus, become the merciful presence of Jesus. Our Hands become His hands, our hearts His heart, our lives carry the message of mercy by our very actions. So, when we go to see a particular patient, we are humbly reminded that Jesus, The Divine Mercy is walking within us. We invoke Our Lady as the Heavenly Nurse, asking her to guide us in how to use The Divine Mercy message and devotion with our patients, near and far away.

The Marians: Teaching Me about The Divine Mercy Message and Devotion.

In the early 1980’s, I used to be one of the many volunteer’s who assisted with pasting the picture of someone called "Sr. Faustina" on a newly printed book called The Dairy, Divine Mercy in My Soul. Fr. "Walter" Pelczynski, MIC used to sit with us and tell us about this Sister that had the most important revelations about Divine Mercy.

Fr. Seraphim told us firsthand about being at Sr. Faustina’s tomb with the Digan family and the miraculous cure that Maureen Digan received, the first miracle needed for her beatification and a partial cure for their son, Bobby.

Throughout these many years, Fr. Seraphim and Fr. Walter have unceasingly encouraged us lay apostles of Divine Mercy to spread the message of mercy in our work and families. They were always exceptionally interested in each persons work for mercy, no matter how small, and took the time and personal interest to teach and correct us in the use of The Divine Mercy message and devotion.

One of the last letters I received from Fr. Walter in July of 2000 he stated: "We are extremely grateful to God for allowing us to spread the Diary of St. Maria Faustina and the devotion to Divine Mercy for almost 60 years."

He was always very, very pleased that the Marians were the key for the translation of the Diary of St. Faustina into English and The Marian Helpers that he founded was the major printing and distribution center throughout the world for The Diary as well as millions of printed Divine Mercy images.

I guess I must be hard-headed, because it took 20 years to realize fully what I had my hands and heart on-the greatest and most significant revelations of the Mercy of God ever given to humanity. As a catastrophic injury nurse, I would use The Divine Mercy devotion in my work almost as second nature. I never dreamed of the impact it had on my patients and the outcome in their lives and the personal spiritual growth I would experience with the assistance of my Spiritual Director, Fr. Jim Montanaro, OMV. Fr. Jim encouraged me to continue with working to develop the book and coordinate closely with the Marians who are the recognized experts in The Divine Mercy message and devotion.

I bumped into Fr. Seraphim at the International Shrine of Divine Mercy in Poland and told him about the nurses book project I had started on in 2001 to write a book for nurses on how to use The Divine Mercy devotion with the sick and injured and he was instantly interested. Furthermore, I asked him for his help as an expert in The Divine Mercy message and devotion. He was the first to point out that THE NURSE BECOMES THE MERCIFUL PRESENCE OF JESUS AT THE BEDSIDE OR PRAYING FOR THEIR PATIENTS. He provided insight on exact use of The Divine Mercy message and devotion for the sick, injured and dying for the nurse’s book.

Fr. Casmir Chwalek, MIC , was always available for discussions and assisted with the spiritual care of my soul. In addition, he worked "behind the scenes" coordinating many details to help me in my work and prayed for me.

Over the past years, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work closely with The Marian Helpers Center and have found many of the employees themselves going to daily Mass. With the help fromthe Marian Helpers Center, the printing and distribution of: Nursing with the Hands of Jesus: A Guide to Nurses for Divine Mercy has become a reality.

The extensive work of The Marian Helpers Center is fulfilling the request of Jesus, The Divine Mercy by printing hundreds of thousands of copies of books and literature on The Divine Mercy message and devotion. I encourage you to call and order not only the new book for your favorite nurse, physician or friend, but obtain other materials on The Divine Mercy message and devotion to give to others to help spread the message.

The Immaculate Conception and Mercy

Our Lady has always been my confidant and guide in my work as a nurse. In the early 1990’s I visited the shrine in northern Portugal of Our Lady the Heavenly Nurse-Our Lady of Balsamåo that belongs to the Marians. Our Lady appeared in this area as the heavenly nurse, healing many wounded soldiers. It was there I realized Our Lady was a real nurse, helping us in our daily duties, showing us how to be merciful and compassionate with our patients.

I just never realized how much Our Lady guided me until I started using The Divine Mercy message of mercy and devotion with my critically injured patients and their families and watched the impact on their recovery. I ask Our Lady to guide me in the use of The Divine Mercy message and devotion and how to care for them spiritually as well as physically.

By her Immaculate Conception, the fullness of God’s infinite and incomprehensible mercy was bestowed upon the Blessed Virgin Mary. She is God’s masterpiece of mercy. By her own example of her life, perfectly following God’s will, she shows us how to be merciful in our daily life.

As nurses, we pray to Our Lady, The Heavenly Nurse to guide us in using The Divine Mercy message in our work and to show us how to tenderly deliver God’s mercy to our patients. Our Lady is mother to all of us; she is the Mother of Mercy and shows us how to guide our patients in their suffering to Jesus, The Divine Mercy.

† Our Lady of Confidence will give you the strength and conviction to act on behalf of your patients and care for their spiritual needs.
† Our Lady of the Rosary will bring you into the deepest, intimate understanding of the life of Jesus and Mary, assisting you in your spiritual life.
† Our Lady Arch of Peace the "Madonna del’ Arco" brings peace and happiness into your homes.
† Our Lady of Mercy will teach you how to be merciful and compassionate.
† Our Lady of Guadalupe will show you how to protect the unborn and preserve life in God’s plan.
† Our Lady of Lourdes shows us how to render loving care to the sick, injured and dying and instill hope in their hearts.
† Our Lady of Czetochowa will teach us the interior life with Jesus, her son.
† Our Lady of Loreto protects our medical teams in flight to injured patients.
† Our Lady of Perpetual Help is always interceding for us with our every need.
† Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart is our refuge, our help and our protection.
† Our Lady the Heavenly Nurse–Our Lady of Balsamåo – shows us how to be merciful in our patient care and guides us to be the best possible nurses.
† Our Lady of Miracles (Basilica of San Andrea Delle Fratte) by her powerful intercession obtains all graces of body, soul and conversion of our hearts to Jesus.
† Our Lady of the Rosary in Fatima shows us the deep Eucharistic interior life with Jesus and the value of prayers and sacrifices.

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