Training Manual : New Release on Divine Mercy Sunday April 18, 2004

Nursing with the Hands of Jesus: A Guide to Nurses for Divine Mercy is the official training guidebook for nurses and those in direct contact with the sick, injured and dying in any setting.

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Nurses for Divine Mercy Press Release
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Marie F. Romagnano, RN,BSN,CRC,CCM,CLCP
International Director

I would like to share with you about myself and what prompted me to organize the Nurses for Divine Mercy. I am a Registered Nurse and just like every nurse, I enjoy working with patients in specialized areas of Nursing. I am a Catastrophic Injury Medical Management Specialist in the area of Burns and Major Trauma. I graduated from the University of Utah College of Nursing in the 1970’s and worked in the Intensive Care Units, Neonatal Intensive Care and had a special love for Burn and Multiple Trauma patients. My son, Joseph is a scientist and currently finishing up his Masters in Plant Biology and headed to Logan, Utah for his PhD work for NASA projects!

As my clinical skills in Nursing developed and I became very comfortable in high-pressure Trauma Intensive Care settings, I was especially exposed to death due to the nature of the severely injured that I was caring for daily. I noticed that there seemed to be a general ignoring of the spiritual needs in preparing the patient for death that was near. This included eminent death and chronic conditions such as Cancer as a cause of death.

In 1984, I was taught about The Divine Mercy Devotion and the miraculous image of The Divine Mercy through the Marians of the Immaculate Conception, Stockbridge, Massachusetts. I was immediately struck by the mercy of God for me and this had a profound personal effect on my own conversion back to becoming a good Catholic.

I worked as a volunteer at the National Shrine of Divine Mercy pasting the pictures of St. Faustina on the cover of the newly printed first edition of The Dairy of Sr. Faustina and helping with the sick on Mercy Sunday. During this time got to know Fr. Walter Pelczinski, MIC the founder of the Marian Helpers Center in Stockbridge, MA and Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, MIC the future vice-postulator for St. Faustina’s Beatification and postulator for the cause of Canonization of St. Faustina. I also became friends with Maureen Digan and her husband Bob. Maureen received the first miraculous cure of her cancerous leg that resulted in the beatification of St. Faustina in 1993.

In 1993 I was the tour director of the beatification pilgrimage of Blessed Faustina to the shrines of the Divine Mercy apparition sites in the footsteps of the life of St. Faustina. Our chaplains on the pilgrimage were Fr. Walter Pelczinski, MIC and Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, MIC. The pilgrimage included Poland, Lithuania and ended in Rome, Italy with the beatification in Vatican Square.

Through the years, I continued in Catastrophic Injury Nursing Case Management and also developing my affiliation with the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in Boston and Lagiewniki, Poland the same order of St. Faustina. I became a member of the Faustinum which is a part of the Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy and had the opportunity to study the Divine Mercy Devotion at the International Shrine of Divine Mercy, Lagiewniki, Poland and pray in front of the miraculous image of The Divine Mercy.

September 11, 2001 changed my life forever. I was called into action by the American Red Cross to assist in the World Trade Disaster along with our parish nurses and my medical management company Med-Link, Inc. My son had the car packed and was going to drive 9 nurses to Ground Zero when the Red Cross called and stopped us from leaving as the towers falling had caused incredible fatalties. Suddenly, it was evident the only thing that could be done for these victims was to PRAY THE CHAPLET OF DIVINE MERCY FOR THE DYING that Jesus gave St. Faustina in The Divine Mercy Devotion. I worked with many nurses in the American Red Cross and our local Parish of St. Ann’s and organized The Nurses for Divine Mercy.

In March of 2002 I was a speaker for the Regional Lewis Millender Occupational Medicine Conference sponsored by New England Baptist Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. My presentation was on Catastrophic Injury Management and included for the first time in the United States the spiritual mission of The Nurses for Divine Mercy in praying for the catastrophically injured, the sick and the dying.

Professional registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, physicians, psychologists, vocational counselors and social workers were introduced for the first time to the Nurses for Divine Mercy from the New England area. These represented a significant number of the workers compensation health insurers and professionals working for these injured workers as many workers are critically injured and have life changing decisions to make in their lives or die from injuries sustained at work.

During the visit of the Holy Father in Poland in August of 2002 I was invited to be interviewed by Polish Television for a special presentation on Nurses for Divine Mercy and also interviewed by Vatican Radio for the Vatican broadcast sharing the Nurses for Divine Mercy mission and the importance of using the Divine Mercy Devotion for the sick and dying and the role of the nurse.

In February of 2003 I was invited to speak about the Nurses for Divine Mercy at the International Meeting of the Faustinum in Lagiewniki, Poland at the International Shrine of Divine Mercy.
Currently, "Nursing With the Hands of Jesus A Guide to Nurses for Divine Mercy" was released on April 18, 2004 on Divine Mercy Sunday, published in the U.S.A by Nurses for Divine Mercy Publishing. This will be available for nurses and those caring for the sick as a training manual. Specifically, the book is a step by step guide in actual use of The Divine Mercy Devotion in the care of the sick, injured and dying,-the first spiritual nursing manual. Please check our web site on how to order.

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Nursing with the Hands of Jesus is a labor of love by Marie
Romagnano, a very special Divine Mercy devotee whom I have
known for a number of years. After the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist
attacks on our country, this registered nurse was moved to start
Nurses for Divine Mercy, which trains nurses “to minister not only with their hands, but with their hearts.”

What makes Nursing with the Hands of Jesus particularly valuable is that much of the material could be helpful for any caregiver of the sick, the dying, or the elderly — whether at home or in a healthcare facility.

Marie is a highly trained registered nurse who specializes in the
care of burn and trauma victims. This booklet is her step-by-step
guide to nursing today using the various elements of The Divine
Mercy message and devotion — especially The Divine Mercy Image and the Chaplet.
In fact, I was privileged to serve as one of Marie’s theological advisors in preparing the
text for publication.

In Nursing with the Hands of Jesus, Nurse Marie provides expert advice in particular
on how nurses can be apostles of The Divine Mercy in caring for their patients in emergency
situations, as well as in helping those who are dying make the transition to eternal life.

She also includes invaluable advice on the personal prayer life of nurses amid their
busy schedules and tips on ensuring that patients receive pastoral care. This booklet is
a must-read for all caregivers.

~Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, MIC (“Father Joseph, MIC”) Marian Helpers,
Marians of the Immaculate Conception