Hi Marie,
I love your booklet Nursing with the Hands of Jesus: A guide to nurses for Divine Mercy. First I read and looked at the booklet and thought it was beautiful. The message is beautiful. The pictures are beautiful.

Then I put it to work and it is more powerful than I even imagined. I always pray on my way to work. I have for years. I pray that I can take care of my patients and do a good job. And I always pray as I care for my patients, especially my sicker or unresponsive patients. I work on a rehab floor at present and we work with a lot of elderly people that are trying to maintain their independence. We are also the designated hospice area for our hospital. Thisis a fairly new use of my floor. So now I have incorporated praying the divine mercy prayer going to work and over my sickest patients. I never would have thought of this on my own Marie so thank you for sending me this booklet. I really feel it is giving me extra grace to care for my patients. I am praying it silently in my mind as I care for my patients. Last week I turned and repositioned a patient and was giving back and heal care. She was a lady I hadtaken care of a number of times and knew and liked quite allot.

She suddenly opened her eyes WIDE and stared upwards. She had been unresponsive mostly for several days. I had been praying he divine mercy as I cared for her. I checked her pulse and it was barely there. I called her family in from the hall and over the next couple of minutes she peacefully passed on. I felt that she had seen God when she opened her eyes. She had no fear or anxiety about her. Her family stayed with her a while of course with their emotions running high and some crying. They did not seem to be praying. I decided to tell them that I was praying for their mother as I turned and cared for her and as she was passing. I thought maybe that would help people to turn back to prayer themselves. They seemed a bit relieved to have me speak to them .

I am not in a Catholic hospital and our work load is deemed by a nurse to patient ratio grid. I currently can have up to 9 or 10 patients a shift. So I have allot of tasks that I must do. And as an old diploma graduate I am a task oriented person. So as I hustle and bustle my way along I will enjoy offering my prayers for my patients. I probably wouldn't have time to pray with a patient or their family very much without it being my time to be "doing" something tangible for them like manual labor! And I am usually being called to 3 or 4 other things for my the patients at once!

I bet you miss floor duty listening to this. I will share this pray with nurses that I know are active Catholics. And I will keep practicing my prayers and approach to develop skills working with my patients and their families.

You are an incredible lady to have written this booklet and I am sure it will help lots of nurses to help take care of the spiritual needs of the people we care for.
- MK, Massachusetts

Hello Marie.
My name is Scott Nelson. I am an RN working in Hematology/Oncology for the past 15 years at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in NH, mostly in Bone Marrow transplant and acutely ill patients with cancer. I welcome whole heartedly your work. It is greatly uplifting to me to have found out about Nurses for Divine Mercy. God Bless you greatly for your efforts. My wife and five children will keep you and the work in our daily rosary.
- Sincerely, Scott Nelson

" Finally, we have a practical guide to minister to the sick and dying, not only physically and psychologically, but crowned with the spiritual ministry of HOPE and TRUST in the promises of Jesus given to St. Faustina "the great apostle of Divine Mercy in our times." (John Paul II)
- Fr. George W. Kosicki, CSB prominent authority and author on The Divine Mercy comments

I have a personal devotion to the Divine Mercy and use it to direct my efforts with the dying patients that I encounter. Since nurses work directly with the sick we are able to offer spiritual comfort through consolation and hope when people feel at their worst and most vulnerable. Besides the physical and emotional comfort, the spiritual comfort seems to work the best. Blessings to you as well.   - CG
RN from LA, California

I did not know by being a nurse we were serving Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

" . ..but to me ecumenical means that the info is valuable across denominations. I happen to be Protestant and love that we belong to the same Lord. May God bless you for writing such a wonderful book and may your faith continue to grow as you look into God's dear face to help others. We certainly all need His divine mercy and His love for each other as we care for His creation. Remember that God says in the Bible that He has more thoughts of you than grains of sand. LOVE to tell my patients that.

The website and book sound very interesting. I have very strong Christian faith, and find it so helpful in my practice. In fact, it has served me through my entire career. Today at work, I sang for our Nursing Home Week celebration. It truly lifted my spirits to see several of the residents singing along and lifting their hands to "Redeemer".

Thanks for wanting to share your work. One of the things that I love the most about nursing is the ability to share with others and learn new ways of being a nurse.
Best regards, -HS

"...I loved the book! I have followed Divine Mercy and  prayed the chaplet for about 4 years now. I visited the shrine in Stockbridge in Sept. of 2000, and have followed since then.

I was baptised and confirmed in 2000 and St Faustina is my patron Saint. I am a long term care manager with 60 patients who range from the demented elderly to younger psych patients. I have always kept the Divine Mercy image cards at work and give them out when the opportunity arises, however your book (and God of course) has really shown me how to specifically apply divine mercy for the benefit of my patients.

I now try to touch my patients more and say a brief prayer in passing, rather than rushing on by with my mountain of paper work as my job as unit manager dictates.

I have several Nursing Assistants who are interested also, and we have devised a plan to turn all the televisions on the unit to EWTN at 3pm daily, unless we meet with stong objections. This is a powerful (and loud) prayer.

I was wondering if the ceu's would be appropriate for CNA's, and also if you plan a system in the future that poor readers could follow and understand.

Anyway, thanks again, and keep up the good work!"

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This program has touched many people in many different ways.

On this page, you can find out what some of our readers are saying about this program, and how it is helping them to see the great dignity there is in being a nurse, especially a nurse who desires to serve their patients physical, mental, emotional AND spiritual needs.

"Nursing with the Hands of Jesus" brings the reality of our union with Jesus to light, both as healers and intercessors. It brings to the forefront the eternal value of a nurse's vocation both to the nurse and to their patients, and helps a nurse fulfill not just his or her day-to-day vocation, but brings the nurse into the very salvific role
of Christ Himself.

The immortal souls of our patients are just as important to the Christian nurse as are their physical or emotional recoveries.

Nurses for Divine Mercy helps nurses and medical professionals
understand this reality, and gives practical ways to assist both patients and other nurses in fulfilling their God-given roles as ministers to the sick and dying according to the heart and mind of Christ, the Divine Physician.

Let us strive everyday to serve Jesus in the person of our patients;
for He tells us, this is who He is. He is our sick, our homeless, those in prison, and those who are hungry. It is God whom we serve by our work, our love and our prayers for the sick, in the person of our patients. Our work is therefore sacred.

So please join us, as we learn to let the face of Christ shine out upon our sick, and His healing hands minister to both body and soul,
bringing them hope for temporal health, and the promise of eternal joy!