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Mary Lights the Way

Part 14: The Challenge of Holy Poverty

What if we are not actually poor in material goods?

Part 13 : Mary, Most Poor

Part 12: Mary, Most Obedient

Your cat will never really obey you: Sometimes he will just agree with you." But that is not the Gospel virtue of "obedience" either.

Part 11: Deeper Dimensions of Our Lady's Devotion

Facing tough times? Call on your spiritual mother.

Part 10: Mary, Most Devout

Mary's fifth gospel virtue was devotion. Clearly, the Blessed Virgin's whole life journey was sustained and surrounded by prayer.

Part 9: Mary's Journey of Faith

Mary's virtue of faith was refined in the fire of God's love at every step of her life.

Part 8: Mary, Most Faithful

Authentic faith, like the virtue of faith in the heart of Mary, is more than just believing in the doctrines that God has revealed to us through Christ and his Church.

Part 7: Mary, Most Humble

As the saying goes, it is not so much to think less of yourself, but to think of yourself less.

Part 6: When It's Best to Run Away

Yep, sometimes it's not prudent to stay put.

Part 5: Mary, Most Prudent

Our Lady's second Gospel virtue was traditionally called "prudence" — but that's not a very attractive word in the way we speak today.

Part 4: Jesus Christ is a Jealous Lover

Let's expand on what we said about the great danger to purity of heart that comes from lust and dissolution.

Part 3: Mary, Most Pure

Let's begin our journey through the Gospel virtues of Mary.

Part 2: Her Virtues Flow from Divine Grace

Saint Faustina found in Mary's example of holiness a light upon her pathway as she struggled to become a faithful servant of the Lord.

Part 1: Mary, the Morning Star

Introducing Dr. Robert Stackpole's new web series, which explores how Mary lights the way for us as the model disciple of Her Son.