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How I Met Our Mother

He once thought "the Blessed Mother" meant only "of Jesus." Now, he's a member of a congregation that bears her name.

The Meaning of Mercy

The Sacred Scriptures show clearly that mercy is the greatest "relative" characteristic of God.

The Marians' Founder, Stanislaus Papczynski, is Canonized

At 10:52 a.m., Pope Francis read the words that Marian priests and brothers have longed to hear for some 315 years.

Nine Days to Joseph: Day Eight

Saint Joseph, Man of Peace and Joy, please put me at peace and help me find joy.

Nine Days to Joseph: Day Seven

Saint Joseph, Pure of Heart, please lend me your own purity of heart.

Nine Days to Joseph: Day Six

Saint Joseph, who suffered with love, please help me also to suffer with a love like yours.

Nine Days to Joseph: Day Five

Saint Joseph, who did God's will, please always keep me in God's most perfect will.

Nine Days to Joseph: Day Four

Saint Joseph, Strong Guardian, please defend me with your prayers.

Nine Days to Joseph: Day Two

Saint Joseph, loving spouse of Mary, please help me to love my spiritual mother even more.

Nine Days to Joseph: Day One

It's a novena! It's a consecration! It's ... a nine-day preparation to welcome St. Joseph's powerful intercession and protection into your life!

You are Called to Serve

January 27 is the feast day of Blessed George Matulaitis. Here is the challenge he set for all of us.

Nine Days to Joseph: Consecration Day

Happy feast of St. Joseph!

'To See Anew with the Eyes of Faith'

"Pope Francis has a special place in his heart for the consecrated life," said Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC,

Lent Is a Joyful Time. Here's Why.

Lent is a time to cleanse and strengthen ourselves. "The world needs us," says the Very Rev. Fr. Kazimierz Chwalek, MIC.

Pray for Christians Around the World

The Marians' superior general echoes Pope Francis' concern for Christians in war-torn regions.

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