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Immerse Yourself in the Paschal Mystery

Each Lent, we have an opportunity to repent and turn away from sin, so that we might encounter the fullness of life revealed in Jesus Christ.

Scripture Study: Third Sunday of Lent

Find out about the only sign we need to live a life of faith in Christ.

Part 5: Faith

The following is the fifth in a seven-part series on the cardinal and theological virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance, faith, hope, and charity.

Mercy in the Midst of Suffering

By Lent 2017, we were recovering from this great suffering and in need of a sign of hope.

A Holy Land Pilgrimage: Pt. 4 — Here For More Than One Reason

Join us on an nine-part series on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Today we present part four: giving light to the persecution of the Christians in the Middle East as we journey through the western portion of the West Bank.

How God Led an Artist to Divine Mercy and Conversion

Artist James Sulkowski, a former Presbyterian, could not predict the events that led him to answer God's call and embrace the faith of his ancestors.

Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell

By focusing on our ultimate end, we have the opportunity to prepare ourselves for our ultimate goal.

Scripture Study: Second Sunday of Lent

Find out what the readings this weekend have to say about suffering and striving to follow God's will.

'I Knew God Was Reaching Out to Me'

The way in which he received Dom's prayercard seems to have been an act of God.

Part 4: Temperance

We are not here on this earth solely for work, not even solely for the work of God. How do we know this?

A Holy Land Pilgrimage: Pt. 3 — 'It is Good That We Are Here'

Join us on an nine-part series on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Today we present part three: journey up Mt. Tabor to the site of the Transfiguration.

Footsteps to Mercy: Feb. 20

God's Word is living and effective.

Footsteps to Mercy: Feb. 18 — First Sunday of Lent

Expect suffering and temptation.

Footsteps to Mercy: Feb. 17

Are you aware of your sins? That's a good start.

Footsteps to Mercy: Feb. 16

It's our duty to serve.

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