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St. Faustina's Marian Devotion

It's October, the month of the Rosary. The Rosary was near and dear to Saint Faustina, who had a remarkable devotion to Our Lady.

Mercy in my Grief

In the chaos caused by my mother's death, I needed confirmation that I wasn't alone — that He was with me, that He was real.

Meet St. Faustina's Mentor: Mary

With October upon us, the month dedicated to the Holy Rosary, we can draw closer to Our Lady, as St. Faustina did.

Why Are We So Lonely?

We seem to spend more time deepening our relationship with machines — television, cars, computers, iPods, video games, and cell phones — than with each other.

Experiencing His Divine Mercy in Prayer

Saint Faustina clearly demonstrates in her Diary that one of the greatest privileges we have in life is prayer.

'Yet I Do Not See Love'

Why are we so important to Him? What is it in our souls that Jesus finds so appealing?

Trust Really is the Key

At one point, they stopped at a rest area along the highway. When they returned to the car, they discovered they were locked out.

Lights, Cameras, Divine Mercy!

The EWTN broadcast on St. Faustina and the message of The Divine Mercy will air again on Saturday at 5 p.m.

'Have Mercy on Us and on the Whole World'

"I remember Greg telling me about his office in the World Trade Center and the great view he had way up high. He was still dating his girlfriend from college. He said he was going to propose to her soon."

9/11: Divine Mercy and Grieving

It is precisely in the example of 9/11 that the concept of mercy can be understood. Mercy is the ability to forgive the most grievous acts.

When One Takes One's Own Life

If we can affirm love and the mercy of God right here and now, we'll know how to view the act of suicide.

'But Who Do You Say I Am' (Mt. 16:13)

Now that we know how Our Lord is patiently waiting, we can ceaselessly pray to the Holy Spirit, as St. Faustina did.

The Healing Power of Divine Mercy

How many people have we failed to appreciate? How many people in our lives do we regard as simply flawed?

Learning a New Language

Perhaps the Lord wants us all to learn a new, spiritual language — the language of love and mercy.

How is the Message of Divine Mercy Spread in Rome?

Pope John Paul once visited a lovely little church just a few blocks from the Vatican. Then, he designated it as the Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Rome.

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