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Father Seraphim Plans Louisiana Tour

His agenda includes a radio interview, talks to various church groups, and taking part in a six-part television series on the life of St. Faustina and the message of Divine Mercy.

Christ's Betrayal and Divine Mercy

The betrayal of Jesus by Judas Iscariot reveals that God is "rich in mercy and forgiveness." But what does that mean exactly, and what are the implications for us?

On the Meaning of Death

With Christ, death "has been deprived of its 'venom,'" said Pope Benedict XVI, in an address he gave on Nov. 5.

Inspired by a Saint to Remember Poor Souls

The poor souls desperately need our prayers and sacrifices. To these souls, we are indeed persons of worth.

The Road to Forgiveness

The Amish are teaching us a powerful lesson of forgiveness today, and Pope John Paul II taught us a similar lesson after nearly losing his life in 1981. What is the lesson exactly? And are we listening and learning?

Mercy at the Ballot Box

As the national mid-term elections approach this Tuesday, those of us who are devoted to living Divine Mercy as a way of life face a significant challenge in the public arena.

Make a Difference!

All of us who are committed to Divine Mercy have a special opportunity to let Jesus taste the fruits of our mercy. The occasion is the 15th annual Make A Difference Day, on Saturday, Oct. 28.

In Utah, Fr. Kaz Speaks About St. Faustina's Legacy

"In her Diary, St. Faustina tells us that we need God's powerful grace; we need to deepen our relationship with God in order to find harmony and peace. We need the grace that flows from Christ."

One Year After the Storm

One year after Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans region continues to teeter between the opposing forces of ruin and renewal. But one parish is tipping the balance.

Mercy Missionaries

In Rwanda, following the genocide, the Marians follow their Congregation's charism to go wherever the need is greatest.

John Paul II, Pope of Divine Mercy, says Benedict XVI

The Pope makes reference to the Sunday John Paul wanted for celebrating the merciful love of Christ — Divine Mercy Sunday.

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