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Tokens of Affection: Being Courted by Jesus

Based on the description of the extravagant gifts St. Faustina receives from her Beloved, we know that Jesus is in love as well.

Our Father, Son of Man

Saint Faustina's knock on the tabernacle reminded me of a child who knocks on the door of her parents' bedroom in the middle of the night.

Showers of Mercy

I finally realized that I was missing the point about bridal and baby showers and why we throw them. Another woman is about to enter into a sacred fellowship with other women, and we know what she will need.

In Silence He Speaks

The idea is not to discourage human speech but to encourage human listening.

Look into the Mirror of Mary

Saint Faustina called Mary her "mirror." A mirror tells the truth. A mirror reflects light to help us notice our flaws so that we can eliminate them. And a mirror shows us when we have improved, when we have taken one more step toward becoming as beautiful as we were made to be.

The Priest Who Believed St. Faustina

Who was that man on the other side of the confessional window?

Abortion and Divine Mercy

This act of mercy can save two lives: the physical life of the child and the spiritual life of the mother.

Listening for Lambs: Divine Mercy Unscripted

We don't always know what God will ask of us, and that's why we need to be open to disruptions to our own plans, trusting that He always has us where we need to be.

'It's Not Enough Just to Receive'

Divine Mercy Sunday is a reminder that we are called to live the Eucharist and to bring Jesus to others.

The Great, Eternal 'Now'

"Now" is omnipresent. Sounds a little like we're describing God, doesn't it? Well, we are.

A Humble Love — Love Being Loved

During this Holy Week, remember that trust is not an emotion. Rather, it is an act of the will.

Roses From Potatoes: A Recipe for Redemption

One of my favorite stories from St. Faustina's Diary is the miracle of the potatoes.

Checkered Opening to Diary Was All in God's Plan

Saint Faustina wondered how she could possibly fulfill Jesus' request to spread the message of Divine Mercy. The answer came out of her pen.

Okay, But What Does God Really Want from Us

I wonder if God ever feels that frustration when we wonder things like, "If I get to Mass during the offertory, does it still count?" or "How many minutes do I have to pray every day?"

'Bless Me, Father, for I Have Sinned'

His is a story of conversion, one that calls to mind Jesus' parable of the Prodigal Son (Lk 15:11-32). As often happens, Thomas' trouble began when he went away to college and his faith became lukewarm.

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