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Are You Full of Hope?

We live in a world of violence, corruption, gloom, and doom. Many are living without hope and surrounded by violence, poverty and despair. Yet we know that God does not make junk. We need hope, and we must have something to hope in.

'More Graces Than Asked'

For months she had prayed before the Blessed Sacrament like Jacob wrestling all night with God. "I'm not leaving You alone until You heal me," she had told Jesus, clinging to Him as persistently as her shame clung to her.

One Passion

God has always taken care of Colleen Conlin — or Cece, as she likes to be called — but the diary of an obscure Polish nun helped Cece to learn how attentive His care is.

The Woodcarver and the Wemmicks

My retreat was to be a time of private reflection before I took my own vows at my wedding in less than three weeks. So there I was, not at peace.

Where is Our Focus?

The greater the sinner, the greater his right to God's mercy — and to our mercy.

Come to Me As Little Children

Our daughter trusts us, knowing that we will never abandon her. That's the kind of relationship to which Christ calls us as well.

Prayers to My Heavenly Father, for My Dad on Earth

Last December, I felt compelled to sit with my father and pour my spirit out to him.

The Power to Submit

I underlined the sentence and wrote a question in the margin of the page: "Are we afraid to be saints?"

What it Means to be Merciful

Mercy is love that seeks to forgive, console, assist, and care for others in time of need. Mercy is an act of love done without expecting anything in return; it is done for love itself.

Stay Awake and Keep Watch

Once, Jesus Himself came to the door as a poor young man and asked for food. Saint Faustina gave him some soup and bread. After he ate it, Jesus revealed Himself to her and told her that He had come down from His heavenly throne to "taste the fruits of [her] mercy" (Diary, 1312).

Comedy, Tragedy and Redemption

The first line of chapter one made my jaw drop: "How I met Father Joe: I was fourteen and having an affair with a married woman."

Trust, and a Tale of Two Helens

A passage I read recently in the Diary of St. Faustina got me thinking about that struggle for faith in William Gibson's The Miracle Worker.

Tokens of Affection: Being Courted by Jesus

Based on the description of the extravagant gifts St. Faustina receives from her Beloved, we know that Jesus is in love as well.

Our Father, Son of Man

Saint Faustina's knock on the tabernacle reminded me of a child who knocks on the door of her parents' bedroom in the middle of the night.

Showers of Mercy

I finally realized that I was missing the point about bridal and baby showers and why we throw them. Another woman is about to enter into a sacred fellowship with other women, and we know what she will need.

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