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A Sign

This Christmas everything has changed. This Christmas I have been changed. I have been a student in the school of St. Faustina's spirituality of The Divine Mercy.

I've Seen Firsthand the Power of the Chaplet

When I first read the Diary of St. Faustina about 16 years ago, it was like cracking open a bag of potato chips: I couldn't put it down! And so began my journey into the message of Divine Mercy.

'The Power of Prayer'

My granddaughter was 21 at the time. It was Divine Mercy Sunday 2002. I got a call from my daughter at about 10 a.m. She was crying. She had just received a call from the nurse.

Power of the Chaplet

All the financial independence she had wasn't enough to get this particular wish.

A Deeper Walk with Our Lord

Joseph was not familiar with the Diary of St. Faustina and the message of Divine Mercy. I encouraged him to read the Diary, telling him his life would never be the same again. I was right.

The Best Sermon I Never Heard

I was stunned, and looked up at him, expecting to see him grinning sarcastically. To my astonishment, I saw that he was weeping. His face was tear-stained, and his eyes glistened in the twilight. Suddenly embarrassed, I asked what he meant.

Help Wanted: In Need of God's Mercy

Dave, a member of our Divine Mercy prayer group, had a problem. His son had recently lost his job and was without health insurance. He needed a good job — fast.

The Reward of My Repentance

Humbled and emboldened, I unloaded years of denial and guilt and left myself empty of everything except trust that God would lead me where He wanted me to be.

How Does Immaculee Ilibagiza Forgive?

They were carrying machetes, spears, hoes — anything that could strike a hard blow into human flesh. The genocide in Rwanda had begun.

An Answer, Finally, to Jesus' Call to Trust

Until recently, whenever a crisis arose, I always would think, "I'll fix it," instead of giving it to God. Or I would give it to God, but then quickly take it back and try to fix everything myself.

Tragic Car Accident Reveals God's Mercy

We went to the Church to get the relic, gassed up our car like racers do at a pit stop, and hopped on the interstate toward Jackson to pray the Chaplet by Nick's bedside.

'I was living a lie ... Then, I trusted in Jesus'

"We were illegal in this country, and my husband was working under a different name.... But one day, after we learned about Divine Mercy, he told me: 'I feel like I need to tell my boss the truth.' "

A miracle at 3 o'clock?

Again, God is showing His mercy, the power of the 3 o'clock hour and the power of prayer.

Meet Max

Two things make Max different from most of the thousands of annual Shrine visitors.

Trust Jesus? Roger that!

"I want others to see His face, to help people understand that Jesus is real."

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