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Answered Prayers

January 20

We send prayers of thanksgiving that 5-year-old Nathan is well. In December, the boy was accidentally run over by the car driven by his mother when she was backing the car up. Never underestimate the power of prayers. We give thanks to Jesus for his healing and to Our Blessed Mother Mary for her protection of this little boy. Please keep Nathan and his mom and dad in your prayers.


Thank you all who prayed with me for my daughter. Her court appearance on Jan. 4 and the one for today, Jan. 11, both went very well. She got full custody of the children and the case for assault (self-defense) today was dismissed. The estranged husband didn't show up. God heard your prayers. You are also in my daily prayers.


Just a note to tell you that Sheila is home and recovering well from her surgery. While she did suffer complications after the surgery, they were resolved and all seems to be well now. Thank you for your help.


Hello — In your next "thanksgiving" announcement, please include the news that 4-year-old Connor had successful surgery to remove the large cyst from his abdomen, and he has been home for over a week, recovering with his family and growing stronger every day. Thanks be to God!

Fr. Paul

The prayerline received a voicemail on Jan. 16 that reported of a young child named Patrick who was taken to the hospital. The doctors diagnosed him as suffering with pneumonia. The next day when the parents went to visit him, they found him fine. The doctors said they must have made a mistake, but the mother says she knows it was The Divine Mercy that healed him. Praise God!

Prayerline staff

Thank you so much for your prayers. I've often asked for assistance from you, and God most often grants our petitions. Praise God and to Him be the honor and glory!


I had asked your prayers for my son Dr. Antony K. for his USMLE exams. He passed with good marks all three steps of his exam. Thank you very much for your prayers!


A voicemail from Dina: She was scheduled to undergo two surgeries. The outlook wasa bad. She asked for prayers. After the first surgery, tests showed all was well with no need for the second surgery. Praise God!

Prayerline staff

A voice mail from Pat: He asked for prayers for his son who was to undergo very serious surgery in India with doctors saying he would probably not survive. The surgery went well, and his son is now fine. Thank the Lord!

Prayerline staff

Our miracle child, 10-year-old Kylee is doing fantastic. She is to have her stitches removed and will be going back to school soon from the accident with her horse kicking her in the head.


We asked prayers for a child, Billy, who had been hit in the head by a falling branch and was in a coma for several weeks. He came out of the coma with no damage and is fine. The doctors are amazed.


Good news this morning regarding my niece, Jacqueline. Her blood count has returned to a normal number this a.m. The doctors are mystified at the huge drop from an extremely high number and then back to a normal count. Although the doctors might be baffled, I am not. Thank you, prayer warriors! The Lord is healing, and I thank all of you for praying.


Aidan just had another follow-up scan and is cancer free! Praise God and thank Him for His many blessings.


I entered the hospital to have surgery for pancreatic cancer. When they opened me up, no cancer was found. Praise God!


Thank you all for your prayers. My cancer tests all came back negative.


Six months ago we were asked to pray for a child named Kyle who was suffering with Leukemia. Yesterday we were advised that Kyle is now cancer free.

Prayerline staff

Since its founding in 1995, the Marians' Divine Mercy Intercessory Prayerline, based on Eden Hill in Stockbridge, Mass., has served more than 1.5 million people who have sought comfort and healing through prayer. All the intentions we receive are placed before the Blessed Sacrament in Our Lady of Mercy Oratory.

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