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'Thanksgiving' Rules at Encuentro

The "loaves and fishes" were present in the form of Divine Mercy, the clear and straightforward spiritual repast available to all God's children. Read More...

Around the World in 84 Shrines

"The Blessed Mother's always telling us to pray for priests, pray for your shepherds, they need your prayers." Read More...

The Faith of Filipinos

"We need God's mercy."

A Bumblebee's-Eye View of Eden Hill

If you were a bumblebee on Eden Hill, you'd skitter lightly and joyfully as well. But you are certainly not a bumblebee, so here is the next best thing. Read More...

Did You Know About the Shrine's Monthly Healing Masses?

Every Mass is a "healing Mass," by virtue of Christ's Presence in the Eucharist. So why hold special healing Masses? Read More...

Spring at the Shrine

The pilgrimage season has begun at the National Shrine. If you can't make it here any time soon, we can at least give you a glimpse. Read More...

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