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100 Years of Fatima - Fr. Joe Roesch, MIC, Episode 6

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Father Joe Roesch, MIC, the Marian Fathers' vicar general, shares the reasoning behind Our Lady of Fatima's most urgent request.

Join Marian Helpers from around the world in a global circle of prayer, each one of us doing our part to bring peace to the world by answering Our Lady's powerful plea to pray the Rosary daily. Sign up.

Visit marian.org/Fatima.

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T P - Jun 14, 2017

every morning in a very small, 500 yrs., Portuguese church 5~6 of us, recite rosary here in , our lady of health church: versova,mumbai

Cecile Beaudoin - Jun 14, 2017

I'm so excited going to Fatima September.

S.A.F. - Jun 13, 2017

In praying the Rosary we must not cease to ask for the intercession of our Holy Mother Mary to defend and protect the sanctity, majesty, and perfection of our incredible Catholic Faith. Please, O, Holy Mother, we beseech Thee to defend us from the wickedness and snares of those inclined toward Communism who persist in defiling the sacred teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us be mindful of the virtues of the writings of Saint Anthony:

"Let the Lord say 'in the time of judgement I will search Jerusalem,' that is, each and every Christian. I will search with lamps: Does he hear the word of preaching and amend his life? Does he show the light of good example to others? Does he do his works with a right intention? Does he shape his life by the example of the poverty and humility of Jesus Christ? Then he will visit upon people (those who trust in their won strength) WHO ARE SETTLED IN THEIR FLITH, THEIR INIQUITIES.

We MUST PRAY for an end to all abortions now and forever. We must pray for those who have sold out to Marxist-Communist leanings to restore their ability to reason. Now more than ever we need a miracle, and fast. O Blessed Fatima, please come to us!

C Mator - Jun 13, 2017

Would love to be there, especially the candle light ceremony, how deep fully empowering!

Adam Mary - Jun 13, 2017

Peace be with you; God bless you...in name of Jesus Christ, Hallelujah, amen.