The Artist and the Stone: St. Maximilian Kolbe

If we look at the lives of the saints, we discover a powerful reality — those who are in love with God are always at peace, no matter the hardship, resting in the innermost heart in the will and providence of God. Consider the miracle that is the life of the priest and martyr St. Maximilian Kolbe, whose feast we celebrate on Aug. 14.

Transformed by the Cross: Edith Stein

Through her faith in the Cross, Edith Stein (St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, feast day Aug. 9) allowed God to transform her suffering and death into a message of love and redemption for the world.

'Flooded with joy'

Since 2018, the non-profit Water 4 Mercy has been providing clean water, sustainable agriculture, and native educational initiatives throughout a network of villages in drought-stricken Dodoma, Tanzania.

They were God's Grandparents

Think of that for a moment. The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity had grandparents, Joachim and Anne.

This Fourth of July, Call On Our Spiritual Mother

On July 4, remember that the Patroness of the United States is mother for all of us: those on the left or the right, Democrat or Republican, whatever our ethnicity, race, or even creed. Our Lady is the New Eve, Mother of the New Adam, and the Refuge of Sinners; she has been given the whole human race by God. 

From darkness into light, through Divine Mercy

Patricia compared her faith to a low flame in a gas lamp that has been turned down: “very small but still burning.” It was this dim but persistent flame that nudged her forward in her return to the Church.

To be a pilgrim, in Catholic Poland

Poland is the ideal land for learning the art of pilgrimage, says Stephen J. Binz, author of the award-winning book from Marian Press, The Way of Mercy: Pilgrimage in Catholic Poland.

Remember the First Martyrs, and the most recent ones

As we commemorate the First Martyrs, let us not forget that today, more than ever before, our brothers and sisters in Christ are going home to God because of their fidelity to the faith which saves.

A Saint for All Seasons

If you had money, power, and status second only to the king of your country, would you be able to lay it all down for the sake of conscience and faith? Would you possess a trust in God greater than your many extraordinary possessions? Saint Thomas More, whom we celebrate on June 22, is a gallant example.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary, Sign of Hope

Times are tough, but they can be made better, and according to Heaven, turning to Our Lady is a key part of the answer, especially on her feast (June 17).

The Sacred Heart and Divine Mercy

On the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (June 16), we ask, "What is the difference between the devotion of the Sacred Heart and the Divine Mercy message?"