This Answered Prayer Has a Ring to It

By Marc Massery

When the enemy shot down their Blackhawk helicopter on Jan. 20, 2007, Major Michael V. Taylor of Little Rock, Arkansas, was killed in action in Iraq, along with 11 other American soldiers.

“This was the most horrific and tragic moment of my entire life [and for] my two children who were 11 and 6 years old at the time,” said Wendy, Michael’s widow. Amidst the tragedy of her loss, Wendy experienced the mercy and goodness of God like never before.  

At the darkest point of her grief, feeling like a shell of her old self, Wendy surrendered everything to God. “I felt like that’s all I had to do. That’s all I had was God.”

Wendy believes that God allowed this tragedy to happen because she needed to reach that point of surrender. “There was nothing left inside, so there was nothing in the way of God,” she said. 

In the days following the death of her husband, Wendy was blessed with many profound graces. On the final night Michael’s casket was in the funeral home, Wendy’s pastor went with her so she could pay one final visit. He waited outside because Wendy only intended to stay for a few minutes. “I was just sitting there, and then all of a sudden it felt as if the room were engulfed with God. It felt like I was just consumed in Him, and I sat in complete awe. I felt how huge God was. I was [thinking to myself], ‘Why are we worried about things so much? Why do we fear things? He’s so powerful.’”

Wendy thought she had only been there for a few minutes. “But when I went outside and had Father take me back home, I realized I had been in there for three hours,” she said. “I had no idea.”

Just a few days after being notified of Michael’s death, Wendy got down on her knees and asked God for a very specific blessing. “I begged God for Michael’s wedding band,” she said. “I knew what the military had told me — that nothing survived the crash — but I knew the power of our Father.” Wendy heard God say quietly to her in her heart, “You will have it.”

“Everyone thought that I was just this grieving widow, wanting the impossible,” she said. “[But] I told the office and the rest of my family that I would have [the wedding band]. God said so.”

About a month later, the military called her and told her that out of the 12 soldiers on board, one wedding band on the aircraft had survived. “After describing to them what it looked like and having tests done on it, we discovered that it was Michael’s wedding band,” she said. “If God tells you something will happen, even if you have to stand by yourself and no one believes you, it will happen.”

When Wendy received it, it still had a bit of soot on it. “I remember how incredible it was because Michael had a watch, gloves, and stuff around his neck, and I was thinking, ‘Well, why did his ring survive and the watch didn’t? God can do anything.’” 

Having experienced God’s mercy and goodness herself, at the recommendation of a friend, Wendy has been praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet regularly, from which she’s drawn strength. “I knew He would take care of me,” she said. “I just didn’t realize he would make Himself known so strongly. It was so unexpected, but I appreciated it so much because I could think back on those moments and know that He’s there for me, He loves me, He made those promises that He would take care of me and my children and everything. All you needed to do was get up and start moving and trust He would take care of the rest.” 


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