Don't Torment Yourself

By Marc Massery

Do you torment yourself?

Sometimes, in order to solve a problem, we over-analyze our situation, thinking that we can figure things out on our own. But we never really can. 

Saint Faustina knew that we ought to refrain from over-analyzing our problems and instead that we ought to put our trust in God. She said:

When I see that the burden is beyond my strength, I do not consider or analyze it or probe into it, but I run like a child to the Heart of Jesus and say … “You can do all things.” … I keep silent, because I know that Jesus Himself will intervene in the matter, and … instead of tormenting myself, I use that time to love Him. (1033)

Next time your worries keep you awake at night, try your best to refrain from over-analyzing your problems. We all get nervous thoughts. But just because a thought is in your mind doesn’t mean it’s true! It’s normal to have nervous thoughts at times. Just don’t let your unnecessary, worried thoughts control your life! 

Remember, God’s voice is joyful and peaceful. He doesn’t want you to be filled with anxiety and despair. So, when you are feeling anxious and close to despair, go to Jesus and say, “You can do all things” as St. Faustina did. Sometimes, going to God and handing over your problems to Him in prayer will set you at ease. 

Sometimes, however, prayer may not seem to help. In these situations, it’s a good idea to consider that perhaps your problems aren’t spiritual in nature. Maybe you need to go on a walk, take a nap, have something to eat, or talk to a trusted friend. We are both spiritual and corporeal beings. Saint Thomas Aquinas said, “Grace does not destroy nature, but perfects it.” In other words, we need to take care of ourselves and practice healthy habits if we want to have a healthy spiritual life. 

One thing is for sure: anxiety and excessive worry are not from God. So when anxiety comes around, remember that the Lord doesn't want you to feel this way. He wants you to feel His peace, no matter what is going on in your life. 


Photo by Tiago Bandeira on Unsplash

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