Explaining the Faith Videos

The Divine Will is spreading far and wide, but is it approved by the Church? What did Luisa Piccarreta say Jesus told her and what was her role as a mystic? What are the 3 Fiats and the Age of Sanctification? Join Fr. Chris Alar and Daniel O'Connor as they explain this movement in the Church and answer many concerns.

While the message of Heaven (given through Mary) was greater at Fatima, Lourdes, LaSalette, Akita, etc., perhaps Zeitoun is the most impressive appearance of Mary in Church history. Fr. Chris Alar explains why.

One of the signs given in the Bible before the Second Coming of Christ is the rise of the Anti-Christ. But who is he? Is he the Pope as many Fundamentalists claim? Is he alive today? Is he the Devil or just somebody possessed? Fr. Chris explains the answers in this talk that comes entirely from Scripture and the teaching of the Church. 


Modesty, in dress and words and action, seems to be completely forgotten in today's culture. However, there may never be a more important time to be examples of light in the darkness. Join Fr. Chris Alar as he explains what modesty is and what you need to do to avoid mortal sin in this area.

Dreams are as old as mankind itself, are biblical, and are part of everyone's life. But what do they mean? Does the Church actually have any teaching about this topic? Are dreams more psychological or can they be messages from God? Hear Fr. Chris Alar explain this important topic.

We have all heard about "pedophile priests" and the Church scandal. And while there are certainly cases of this and trauma caused many victims by abusive priests, for which there is no excuse, there is more to the story. What is the reason for it and are the number of cases actually greater in schools, homes, and other religions? And is the problem really pedophilia, or something else? Was the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report accurate or flawed? Hear Fr. Chris Alar explain what you need to know.

What does the Church teach about the Woke elements of Climate Change, DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion), CRT (Critical Race Theory), BLM (Black Lives Matter), Gender Neutral Bathrooms, Electric Vehicles, Patriotism, etc.? Hear Fr. Chris Alar explain.

What is Transgenderism, and what do all the terms mean? Gender identity, gender dysphoria, transition, and gender affirming care. And what does the Church teach about it? How to respond to your loved one who states they are transitioning? Hear Fr. Chris Alar give a summary of what you need to know about this movement and the true reality of the matter.

The Gay Pride Movement is everywhere, but what is behind it - love or sin? What do you need to know and what does the Church teach about it? Fr. Chris Alar explains what is happening and why in this part of his Woke Series.

Our Lady of Akita completes the message of Fatima, but the prophecy is even more dire. Does this warning from Our Lady mean we are going to experience chastisement, or can we change it? Hear Fr. Chris Alar explain what this prophecy means for today and what you need to know.
There is more confusion in the world now than ever about the Woke movement, transgenderism, same-sex marriage, cancel culture, DEI, etc. How are we to understand it? Doesn't it defy reality, but at the same time seem to be Christian? Join Fr. Chris Alar as he defines Woke and "wokism" and what you need to know as a Christian.

Why is St. Anthony one of the most beloved saints in the history of the Church? Hear Fr. Chris Alar explain this in a fun way and give some of the most incredible miracles fully documented by this saint.