Explaining the Faith Videos

Forgiveness may not be what you think and is definitely not as difficult as you may believe. Join Fr. Chris Alar as he explains Church teaching on forgiveness and the meaning behind the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

Hear Fr. Chris Alar explain the very first Marian Apparitions including Our Lady of the Pillar, Our Lady of Puy, and Our Lady of the Snows.

We all know someone who has left the faith and left us heartbroken. But there is hope! With God's grace, the help of the Saints, and your own contribution, their conversion can happen.

The Role of Mary is a gift from God to help us, not distract us. Hear Fr. Chris Alar explain actual Church teaching on Mary, especially the Assumption and the Coronation.

What does the Bible say? We are saved by Grace, but do we also need Faith and Works? Fr. Chris Explains.

Why are there more Marian apparitions today than anytime in human history? Hear Fr. Chris Alar give a simple overview of what they are, why they are so important for our times, and how the Church determines what is authentic and what is not.

Are we saved by "Faith Alone?" As Catholics we are told we are not Biblical. Hear Fr. Chris Alar explain why we need the Works of Mercy to get to Heaven.

Along with First Fridays, First Saturdays, and Divine Mercy, see why the Precious Blood Devotion is critical for our salvation.

The popularity of the book The Da Vinci Code has caused many people to be misled regarding the truth of the Church, Mary Magdalene, the Knights Templar, and even Jesus Christ himself. Join Fr. Chris Alar as he clarifies these misconceptions and false claims against Christianity.

Rosaries, images, holy water, scapulars, medals, crucifixes, etc. What is their purpose? Why do Catholics use them and is this a violation of the commandments in the Bible? Join Fr. Chris Alar as he explains.

While it is important that we understand the fundamental differences between Islam and Christianity, we need to also see our similarities, especially in the united respect both have for Mary. Is she the key for unification and bringing all to Jesus?  Fr. Chris Alar explains.

Hear Fr. Chris Alar explain what you need to know about the Crusades and its history with Islam. As Muslim expansion increased into Christian lands, was the Catholic Church morally able to respond? What is a just war and did the Crusades qualify? Separate truth from fiction.