Explaining the Faith Videos

Join Fr. Chris Alar as he discusses the Trinity and the unfathomable depth of the relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Join Fr. Chris Alar as he discusses the purpose for holy Catholic priests and things you never knew about why we have to have the Priesthood. He explains everything from the scandal to renewal and how you are called to participate.

Join Fr. Chris Alar as he discusses end of life decisions, including caring for the sick and dying.

Join Fr. Chris Alar as he "unearths" the the history of Halloween and discusses the truths behind All Saints and All Souls Day.

Are you or someone you know struggling with an addiction of any kind? Does sin seem harder and harder to avoid? You are not alone. Father Chris Alar discusses why you have reason for hope and how you can find healing.

Join Fr. Chris Alar as he shares the teachings of the Catholic Church concerning voting and how to properly form your conscience and meet your obligations as a citizen.

Join Fr. Chris Alar as he explains why we need Marian Consecration, which is the act of entrusting oneself to Mary’s care and intercession.

Join Fr. Chris Alar as he explains the Marian apparitions reported in 1917 by three shepherd children in Fátima, Portugal. This clear talk shows what you need to understand and the amazing connection with Divine Mercy.

We have an opportunity — and a responsibility — to get people excited about the faith. Learn from Father Chris Alar how to evangelize and get our loved ones to come back to God and the Church.

Join Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, as he discusses this sacred covenant of marriage — and the things that can go wrong, such as divorce. He will discuss as well when a decree of nullity (commonly known as annulment) can be granted.

Who was this woman chosen by the Lord to be His secretary of Divine Mercy? Father Chris explains.

Father Chris Alar, MIC, explains the history and significance of the world's most famous book.