Explaining the Faith Videos

Fr. Chris Alar continues his "Explaining the Faith" Series as he takes you back to seminary with him. Support Our Ministries: https://www.thedivinemercy.org/donation

Pompeii was destroyed by a volcano in 79 AD, but has much to tell us today. Who is Our Lady of China and why do we need to know? And what is the significance of the 54 Day Rosary and how did it involve a Satanist? Fr. Chris Alar answers these questions and more.

Fr. Chris Alar continues his "Explaining the Faith" Series as he takes you back to seminary with him and joins you on live chat for this premier video of "Catholicism 101" from one of his parish missions.

A new talk on St. Joseph with additional new information that will help all Christians to understand his role given from Heaven. Don't neglect this incredible grace and protection for you and your family.

Why did the Church split in 1054 and what are the similarities and differences between the Catholic and Orthodox Church? Fr. Chris Alar explains why this is important in understanding what is happening in the Church and world today.

What is the prophecy from heaven at Fatima and other apparition sites telling us about the current events regarding Russia and Ukraine? Fr. Chris explains what it means according to Church teaching.

It is an obligation of the Church on certain days to Fast and Abstain from meat, and to pray and do almsgiving every day. So why do we do penances and what is the meaning within and outside of Lent? Fr. Chris Alar explains.

Surprisingly, the bible does not prohibit making graven images. So what does the Bible prohibit? Fr. Chris Alar explains this and the incredible meaning of the Image of Divine Mercy. Also, get your own hand-made canvas image made by the Marians Fathers!

The world is in need of healing and there is only one way to receive it. Fr. Chris explains the importance of Lourdes, World Sick Day, February 11, a strong faith, and the role of Fr. Seraphim.

The amazing stories of Our Lady of LaVang, Our Lady of Cromoto, and Our Lady of Lichen are told here by Fr. Chris Alar. Watch to understand why we need to listen to Mary's message now more than ever.

Fr. Chris Alar explains how some saint's bodies are incorrupt and some are not and why we have relics as well as how scientific explanations do not conflict with the faith.

Why is the Church Pro-Life? Does being pro-life mean we are putting the child ahead of the mother and all other social issues? Hear Fr. Chris Alar explain how to understand what being pro-life is all about.