'I 100 percent believe!’

By Terry Peloquin

Terry Frantum of Jamaica, Iowa, was first introduced to the Divine Mercy message on, of all days, a Divine Mercy Sunday about eight years ago. “I was just there for a regular Sunday Mass,” he said, “but the pastor started going on about Divine Mercy, and that got me kind of interested.”

About a year later, Terry attended a Divine Mercy parish mission  that was “absolutely tremendous!”

His interest continued to grow. He delved into the Marians’ website TheDivineMercy.org and read many articles and watched many videos. He joined all three of the Marians’ special clubs: Thirteenth of the Month Club (for Marian devotion), the Friends of Mercy (Divine Mercy devotion), and Holy Souls Sodality (to assist souls to Heaven). This past September was Terry’s fourth time in five years attending the Mercy for Souls conference at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy.

“I 100 percent believe in Divine Mercy,” he said. 

And he lives it in many ways. “They talk about saying prayers for people who are dying. I’ve done that, and I’ve had three or four people who’ve died in the 3 o’clock hour.” (The three o’clock hour recalls the time of Christ’s death on the Cross. According to the revelations of our Lord as recorded in St. Faustina’s Diary, 1320 and 1572, it is a time for special graces.)

Terry also shares the message with other churches. “At one point, I ordered hundreds of Divine Mercy Images and other information and clipped them together and took them around to different parishes to hand out. I’ve still got a lot of them left over, and this spring before Lent, I’ll probably do that again when it’s closer to Divine Mercy Sunday.”

Someone from his parish recommended that he talk to “Linda,” a fellow parishioner, because she also was a firm believer in Divine Mercy. “We got to be friends,” he said, “and we promoted Divine Mercy.” 

Linda, however, was dying from cancer. “Earlier this year, she had stopped taking chemo, because she got so tired,” Terry said. “Before she died, I requested a prayer card here from the Shrine for her healing. And she wrote me a card back. She said how great it was that we met because of Divine Mercy.

“When Linda and I used to talk on the phone, we would talk about dying, and about the love of the Divine Mercy … and that everything was going to be OK. She had the apostolic blessing before she died. And I’ve had several people have the apostolic blessing before they died.” (The apostolic blessing is given specifically to the terminally ill and dying when they receive the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. It is an indulgence for the remission of temporal punishment due to sin.)

So all these faith-filled messages that reached Terry, he’s now using to reach others. “My knowledge is getting bigger and bigger every day, you might say.”

He said, “I started praying the Chaplet and the Rosary for people on my list. I told Jesus, ‘I put this on Your altar for the hour that they die.’ Because in Heaven, there’s no time.”

Being a retiree, Terry likes the idea of not being “containerized” by time. “I hate thinking about doing a certain thing at a certain hour, like you have to eat dinner at 12 or supper at 6. You just do whatever you want whenever you want. I’m getting to the point where I do that. I may not eat my evening meal until 8 or 9 because I don’t want to!

“All I know,” he continued, “is the Lord has been very, very good to me since I’ve been into Divine Mercy.” 


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