'I Am Who Am'

Readings: Num 21:4-9; Jn 8:21-30
"When you lift up the Son of Man, then you will realize that I AM, and that I do nothing on My own." Jn 8:28

Today our Lord finds Himself in the midst of a troubling dialogue with the Jews. He tells them that He is going away and that they will look for Him and that they will die in their sins. They are troubled in spirit and wonder, "He is not going to kill Himself, is He?" (Jn 8:22).

Our Blessed Lord reminds them that He does not belong to this world, and He discloses His name to them. He says, "I AM," carrying them back to the epic moment when God revealed His name to Moses in the burning bush. At that time, God said to Moses, "This is what you shall tell the Israelites, 'I AM sent me to you.' When they ask, 'What is His name,' God replied, 'I Am Who Am' " (Ex 3:14).

The manifestation of God's name to us on the lips of Christ is a reminder that our Lord - although He has come in a true body of flesh and bone like us - is at the same time of a different substance from us. He is God. He is able to deliver us from the conflicts and obstacles created by the evil one, the prince of this world. He is able to restore us to the original intention of God, to the foundational moment of our creation. He, in His power as God, carries us back in His arms of love to the embrace of His Father.

Today is a good day for us to adore and glorify Christ, who is the great I AM. He is the One who will be lifted up on the cross as the Source of salvation. He is the One who will free us from our sins. Let us ask Him to reveal Himself to us, especially in the Most Blessed Sacrament in our churches. There, He is ever present among us.

O Lord, grant me a deep reverence for Your Name and for your Living Presence in the tabernacle. May I always adore and praise You. Amen.

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