A new way to stream: DivineMercyPlus.org

“As Marian Fathers, our constitution dictates we serve the Church where the need is greatest. DivineMercyPlus.org is the newest evangelization tool in our arsenal.”

There’s a new website in town, and it’s about to become your favorite destination on the internet. 

Introducing DivineMercyPlus.org, the new streaming site for exclusive audio and video content produced by the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception. 

“Our evangelical outreach as Marians has always included audio and video,” notes the Very Rev. Chris Alar, MIC, interim provincial, who also serves as “Father Joseph,” director of the Association of Marian Helpers. “During the pandemic, we really ramped up production, and the number of online viewers and listeners has been astonishing. Our livestreamed Masses, Rosaries, Chaplets, and Saturday talks alone have hundreds of thousands of faithful viewers around the world.” 

With a large output comes a large backlist, much of it hidden over the years within layers of webpages, often inaccessible, even forgotten. Therein lay the challenge. 

All in one place 
“We have a huge library and archive of awesome Catholic content, and it made sense to collect everything in one, easy-to-access place,” says Zeke Chichester, chief financial and marketing analyst and part of the large team that spearheaded the project. 

DivineMercyPlus.org has been in the works for two years. Gathering everything posted on Marian websites (including Marian.org and TheDivineMercy.org) and our YouTube channel (Divine Mercy) was an enormous undertaking. 

“The overall mission was two-fold: organize everything in one place for easy access, and make everything searchable,” Chichester says. “I think viewers will be amazed at how much content there is, especially from past years.” 

DivineMercyPlus.org will stream daily Mass, the Rosary, and the Chaplet from the National Shrine, as well as Fr. Chris’ popular “Explaining the Faith” talks on Saturday mornings (11 a.m. EST). There are video series such as “Marians Around the World” and “A Pilgrimage to France,” hosted by the Very Rev. Joe Roesch, MIC. Users will also find “Minutes” with the late Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, MIC. 

There are landing pages for past episodes of “Living Divine Mercy,” the weekly program on EWTN, as well as the popular “Ask a Marian” shorts. Instructional videos and recordings on how to pray the Rosary, for example, are also posted. 

DivineMercyPlus.org is also podcast central, where you can listen to daily Mass homilies from the National Shrine, or one of the popular podcasts by Fr. Roesch, including “Saint Faustina’s Diary in a Year.” 

Premium content 
The majority of videos and podcasts are free. But there is also premium content, documentaries, feature films, spiritual nourishment programming, and series that will engage the whole family. The site offers learning modules associated with Marian consecration, such as videos and bonus material that are part of the new Marian Press publication, 33 Days to Morning Glory: Group Retreat & Study Guide

New premium content will be continuously added to the site, some of it exclusive. Marian Press Productions and DivineMercyPlus.org are actively growing the streaming catalog, making available high-quality Catholic films and videos from top Catholic producers and directors. 
“By registering, you can build your own playlist,” Chichester notes. “We encourage visitors to tell us their favorites, and share feedback.” 

“As Marian Fathers, our constitution dictates we serve the Church where the need is greatest,” Fr. Chris concludes. “DivineMercyPlus.org is the newest evangelization tool in our arsenal.”


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