To Use or Not To Use All the Questions?

The answer? It depends! This is certainly not a question marathon. If so, we would have replaced the prayer marathon with a question marathon.

These questions are not assignments – neither for you nor for the group. The intent, as the little book itself says, is "to provide and ...time for you to accompany yourself...[as you prepare] for a lifetime of love and devotion to the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary." As you prepare for this lifetime of grace and spiritual gifts, then...

• Don't insist on answering all the questions if they do not stir your heart toward the Heart of Mary. It may be that the answer needs to be pondered, or that the question itself is not even one that goes to the heart of your spirituality. This a book of pondering, not a class assignment.

• One question or another may lead you to another place to stop and ponder something totally different from what was asked. Let the Holy Spirit lead your pondering. He is sure to lead you to the Two Hearts. And, it may be that your wandering thoughts are just what another group member needs to hear on their path of pondering.

This applies to the Weekly Sessions of the group as well. Here's a tip: Don't use questions like a lesson plan! The particular questions were selected because of wide application and relationship to the spiritual focus of that week. They look at the movement of the heart toward that Morning Glory. Choose one question that appealed personally to you, and as you begin, answer it from your heart to the group. Group Sessions are all about the heart awakened and set afire with love of Jesus through drawing close to Mary. The time spent in pondering God's Spirit working in you, and weekly group experience pondering His working in others is all about relationship. Building relationships with each other in prayer and reflection makes our relationship with Jesus through Mary stronger.

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