'We Must Pray for the Deceased'

Teresa Builes
Poughkeepsie, New York

My son, Steven, died when he was 21. He was in his third year of college, studying in Philadelphia. One night, in 2007, he was hailing a taxi cab, but the driver didn't see him, and he was going very fast. The taxi hit and killed my son.

I pray for him, but now I also pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

This past September, it was 11 years since my son's death. I always have a memorial Mass said for him. His cousins, everyone comes to the Mass. I teach everyone that we must pray for the deceased, and my son's death has been a way for me to share the importance of praying for the Holy Souls.

It's a beautiful Mass. We cannot forget them. I have been reading so many stories about the souls in Purgatory from the mystics of the Church who, during their lives here on earth, have had experiences in Purgatory.

Every day I pray for the Holy Souls. I know they need our prayers.

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