Why Humility?

By Marc Massery

Turn to any page of St. Faustina’s Diary and you find spiritual gems, like this one:

[Jesus said,] "My daughter,  … it is only by My grace that you are a participant of eternal life and all the gifts I lavish on you. And with these words of the Lord, there came to me a true knowledge of myself. Jesus is giving me a lesson in deep humility and, at the same time, one of total trust in Him. My heart is reduced to dust and ashes, and even if all people were to trample me under their feet, I would still consider that a favor" (Diary, 1559).

Humiliation hurts. I’m sure you’ve experienced it. Maybe your boss scolded you for being late to work. Maybe your best friend told everybody you know that you cried at the end of Toy Story 3. Or maybe you became embarrassed when you waved at someone who wasn’t actually waving at you. 

Throughout our lives, God is constantly lavishing so much grace upon us that we have the tendency to credit a lot of the graces He gives us to our own doing. But there’s not one good thing in our lives that we can’t credit to God. Think about it: each beat of our hearts relies upon God’s mercy. All our basic abilities, our very existence, are gifts from Him. 
So now and then, the Lord gives us lessons in humility. Moments of embarrassment or shame put our limitations into perspective. We often overestimate our strength and underestimate how much we rely on God’s mercy for everything. It’s not uncommon for God to allow us to experience humiliation when we try to do things by our own strength. He wants us to rely entirely on Him. 

The truth that we need to rely entirely upon God lies at the heart of the Gospel. Jesus says that we need to be like children to enter the Kingdom of God. He knows we are weak and frail, but that’s why He offers us His Fatherhood. The more we realize the extent of our weakness and limitations, the more we’ll realize just how merciful God has been to us.

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Turn to any page of St. Faustina's Diary, and you'll find spiritual gems. 

Turn to any page of St. Faustina’s Diary and you’ll find spiritual gems. Like this one: