Why I Can Say: 'Jesus, I Trust in You!'

By Gerardo Zuniga

On June 30, 2004, at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Fla., I was told that I had colon cancer. Since that day I put myself in the hands of our Lord, The Divine Mercy. I was very scared, and I asked God to help me regain my health. I knew that He was the only one who could save me. Even at 56 years of age, I still had many dreams to pursue.

The morning they gave me the bad news, I returned to my house in tears and despondence, but within me there is something called "faith," which I never lost. I never questioned God as to why he had sent me this illness. On the contrary, I said: "Thank you, Lord, for giving me the opportunity to re-encounter you, for making me understand that I need You and that I was far from You for a long period of time."

I'll never forget the first time I received chemotherapy. When they put in the special bed, I felt so alone, and I began to cry. I asked The Divine Mercy not to abandon me, to accompany me especially in that moment of pain, and to convert the rays from that enormous machine situated above me into His marvelous rays that emanate from His Heart. When I finished saying these words I felt a hand on my shoulder and a voice in my ear that said to me: "Who told you that I had abandoned you? I am here to protect you; I have always been here with you and I will continue to be with you." When I heard this voice, I put all my confidence in Him.

And on Nov. 17, 2004, my cancer was eradicated by Dr. Floriano Marchetti, guided without doubt by The Divine Mercy. The operation was a success!

In what follows I will tell you the way in which I learned of the marvelous and incomparable love of The Divine Mercy. In 1996, I was contracted, along with a group of actors, to dub in Spanish the television programs of Mother Angelica on EWTN. I believe that the Lord already had His eye set on me to cure me, seeing as they selected me for the role of the "father confessor" of St. Faustina in the series "Blessed Faustina, Apostle of The Divine Mercy."

I was so impressed with the history of St. Faustina that I bought some books and began to read her Diary, which contains the marvelous revelations and conversations she had with Jesus. At another time, I was the voice of Fr. Harold Cohen of New Orleans, commenting about Divine Mercy and the series "St. Faustina, Apostle of The Divine Mercy."

In 2003, I went to a group of Catholics called EMAUS of the Prince of Peace Church in Miami, Fla. There I met my true family, a group of men who, with their prayers, telephone calls, and visits, made those moments of my illness more bearable.

Before I end my testimony, I want to add an important part of my life. Several years ago, my brother, Mario Valdez, was diagnosed with liver cancer and died shortly thereafter. Prior to his death he used to say that when he departed for the house of our Lord, he was going to ask Him to cure me, and I'm sure that's what my brother did. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all my brothers of the Catholic group EMAUS, friends, family, nieces and nephews, my children, and my adorable spouse who was with me in those moments when I most needed her prayers and support during my recovery.

To you, Lord of The Divine Mercy, I want to offer my eternal praise. I deliver myself to You permanently, for only You with Your great power and that of Your beloved Father were able to return my health to me. For this reason, every morning upon awakening I get out of bed and offer You these words: "JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU!"

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