Dan Valenti's Mercy Journal

Her Pain is Our Gain

There's no easy way to say it: In St. Faustina's battle against staggering odds, we can find the inspiration to persist in our own struggles.

God May Send Hardship But Also the Means to Use It for Good

Recently, I spent a weekend catching up on yard work. I mowed, swept, shoveled, raked, and weeded. Call it spirituality amongst the dandelions.

'Pain of the Soul'

Pain and suffering are universal experiences, says His Excellency the Most Rev. Zygmunt Zimowski, top Vatican prelate on healthcare issues. Archbishop Zimowski says the answer to dealing productively with these experiences can be found in God.

It Set the Tone of His Papacy

Mercy would be the logical next step for this Pope, given the intimate and intense role that God's mercy played in his personal life.

The Top 10 Titles of Mary

It's fascinating that one person can have so many titles, but how else could we grasp the aspects of Our Lady merely by her given name?

Shrine Celebration Offers An Rx for Modern Ills

Here it is: a "how-to" in dealing with today's challenges, offered by the experts.

Touching All the Bases

It's much more than a simple change in uniforms for a star who shocked the world of baseball.

Planting the Seed

Knights of Columbus Day: Humble beginnings 'can grow larger than you can imagine'

A Picture from a Game, or Metaphor in a Photo Frame

Determination has legs. Persistence wears sneakers. Effort's arms pump like pistons in a T-shirt called LOVE.

The Undamaged Chasuble

This involves G.I.s and Filipinos and the amazing work of God. What does an Episcopalian pastor have to say about God's profound goodness? A whole lot.