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Q. How should I go about encouraging my pastor to celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday in my parish?

A. Since Divine Mercy Sunday has been declared a universal feast by the Church, it ought to be celebrated in every parish. Yet, we should also remember that the Divine Mercy movement is still in its infancy in the Church. So a prudent approach is called for. I recommend you take the following steps with your pastor.

  • First, your focus should be to pray, pray, and pray — perhaps with some mortification as a penance. As you pray for your pastor and your parish, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and to bless your pastor. Remember that spreading Divine Mercy and getting Mercy Sunday celebrated in your parish are ultimately the work of the Holy Spirit!
  • In everything you do after prayer, avoid arguing with your pastor or pestering him. Instead, let the witness of your life speak to your pastor. Do you assist in the parish in some way? Are you involved in a prayer group or some work of mercy? If not, consider getting more involved.
  • Also, look for opportunities to share with your pastor thoughts about your personal involvement in Divine Mercy. Base any sharing on your own personal experience of Divine Mercy, rather than trying to “teach” your pastor about the message.
  • Along with your personal sharing, prayer, fully consider giving him some literature, such as the booklet Why Mercy Sunday? or a couple of pamphlets on Mercy Sunday.
  • As Mercy Sunday approaches, remember to avoid pestering your pastor. Keep praying, wait, and watch for the action of the Holy Spirit. He just may surprise you!


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