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Q. Isn't the devotion to The Divine Mercy just another devotion? Why do we need another one?

A. As Fr. George Kosicki, CSB, has said, this devotion is not a matter of our devotion to God, but of His devotion to us! It does not consist primarily in reciting chaplets, venerating images, or celebrating a liturgical feast. Rather, the heart of this devotion is trust in the merciful love of God Himself, and all the devotional forms that come to us through St. Faustina (e.g., the Image, the Feast, and the Chaplet) are merely means to enable us to grow in trustful surrender to that Divine Mercy.

Through faith in the biblical message of Mercy, we are to ask for God's mercy, completely trust in His mercy, and learn to be merciful to others as He is merciful to us (Luke 6:36).

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