Announce this special day with bulletin inserts, posters, and more.


In addition to information about events, consider including brief teachings about Divine Mercy Sunday. 

Use an image of The Divine Mercy to enhance your communications. You may request an electronic version of the artwork by contacting

Communications in the Parish

  1. Announcements from the pulpit.
  2. Parish bulletin announcements.
  3. Parish newsletter.
  4. Parish website.
  5. Email to parishioners.
  6. Poster and flyers.
  7. Announce to parish groups and committees.

Communications to the community

  1. Poster
  2. Diocesan calendar
  3. Diocesan newspaper (press release)
  4. Local newspaper in the religious section
  5. Public Service Announcement (PSA) on radio and television

Religious Education 
Your parish may wish to provide information about Divine Mercy Sunday for the CCD, First Communion, and Confirmation programs. The pamphlet The Message of Divine Mercy and prayercards of The Divine Mercy Chaplet may be particularly helpful. 
See Suggested materials for more ideas.