Welcome to the Confraternity of Consolers

The Confraternity of Consolers is a spiritual benefit society for those who strive to live the spirituality presented in the book Consoling the Heart of Jesus. More specifically, it's for those who have already made a commitment to the "Consoler's three promises" described in the book.*

You can become a member of the Confraternity of Consolers by adding a fourth promise to your commitment: to pray for the other people who have joined the Confraternity. This is a good way for Consolers to unite spiritually and support each other as they live out Consoling spirituality.

We recommend that Confraternity members live out their fourth promise by adding the following line to the text of their morning offering: "Lord, please bless and strengthen all the members of the Confraternity of Consolers as we strive to console you."

At present, the Confraternity of Consolers is a simple commitment among the Lord's friends. In the future, we hope to have some form of Church approval and official blessing for all members.

As a sign of your commitment to praying for other Consolers, we invite you to fill out the fields below. (Your first name and last initial will appear to the right.) If you would like to receive news about Confraternity developments and updates from the author, Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, regarding Consoling spirituality, please enter your email address. Your information will not be sold or given to third parties.

*See the Conclusion section of the retreat, which begins on page 169. Also, these promises are not binding under pain of sin. They're simply private promises made to one's self — in other words, personal resolutions.

Confraternity of Consolers

1 Michael G.

Stockbridge, MA

2 Angelo C.

Washington, DC

3 Sarah C.

Austerlitz, NY

4 James M.

Washington, DC

5 Letty M.

Flower Mound, TX

6 Mimi R.

Adams, MA

7 Susan S.

Hibbing, MN

8 Tim V.

Madison, WI

9 Susan M.

New Bedford, MA

10 Debbie S.

Pawtucket, RI

11 Mark W.

Bronx, NY

12 Miguel G.

Miami, Fl

13 Michele F.

Columbus, OH

14 Anthony S.

Omaha, NE

15 David W.

Le Roy, NY

16 Christine S.

Kensington, MD

17 Margaret D.

Tampa, FL

18 Michelle H.

Carlisle, PA

19 Bruce H.

Carlisle, PA

20 Steve B.

Lake Charles, LA

21 Kathleen H.

Stamford, CT

22 Caroline F.

Tampa, FL

23 Helen B.

Upper Darby, PA

24 Lisa S.

Levittown, PA

25 Mark O.

Baltimore, MD

26 Ann C.

Justice, IL

27 Emily J.

Columbus, OH

28 Joan S.

Columbus, OH

29 Jacqueline G.

Columbus, OH

30 Kelly H.

Columbus, OH

31 Carolyn W.

Columbus, OH

32 Elizabeth C.

Columbus, OH

33 Brenda L.

Powell, OH

34 Sara B.

Wendell, NC

35 Joyce S.

Dublin, OH

36 John B.

Westminster, CO

37 Barbara B.

Ellijay, GA

38 Marie-Francoise A.

London, Great Britain

39 April H.

Fort Wayne, IN

40 Carrie S.

Sarver, PA

41 Mimi C.

Boston, MA

42 Kari V.

Westerville, OH

43 Deborah W.

weaverville, NC

44 Jennay G.

Encinitas, CA

45 Claire M. M.

Derwood, MD

46 Lynne G. M.

Derwood, MD

47 Adan R.

Brooklyn, NY

48 Donna S.

Sewell, NJ

49 Nancy B.

Warwick, RI

50 Pam D.

Jacksonville, FL

51 Katherine L.

Dallas, TX

52 Joan S.

Longmeadow, MA

53 Michelle C.

Bedfordshire, England

54 Nancy R.

Aberdeen, WA

55 Maria F.

Milford, CT

56 Teresa F.

South Mills, NC

57 MaryAnn T.

Canon City, CO

58 Fidelis J.

Akron, OH

59 Shirley G.

Jersey City, NJ

60 Jeannette T.

Adams, MA

61 Jarrett W.

Chicago, IL

62 Beverly K.

Marengo, IL

63 Sarah K.

Saint Paul, MN

64 Jennifer P.

Spanaway, WA

65 Thomas S.

McCammon, ID

66 Larry L.

Rochester, NH

67 Lee D.

Cary, IL

68 Jennifer H.

Greenfield, MA

69 Bill R.

Rochester, NH

70 Diana T.

Gilford, NH

71 Joan K. N.

Scottsdale, AZ

72 Mona R.

Goodwood Park, Trinidad and Tobago

73 Donna B.

Garden city, NY

74 chris G.

Havertown, PA

75 Rebecca C.

Irving, TX

76 Patricia J.

Summerfield, FL

77 Eileen L.

Dunellen, NJ

78 Elizabeth D.

Elkhorn, NE

79 Cameron S.

Andrews, SC

80 Theresa W.

Liverpool, NY

81 anish S.

bangalore, karnataka

82 Debbie W.

Owensboro, KY

83 B. S.

Bally, PA

84 Elaine V.

Ottawa, ON, Canada

85 rodger F.

greenbelt, MD

86 Betsy W.

Haymarket, VA

87 Karen C.

Goldsboro, NC



89 Irene K.

Whitefish, ON

90 Amy Z.

Ada, OH

91 Keith L.

Columbus, OH

92 Suzi D.

Duvall, WA

93 Lindy G.

Ambler, PA

94 Marc D.

Woodbury, CT

95 Greg K.

Columbus, OH

96 David B.

Waterbury, CT

97 pam W.

palmyra, IN

98 Marie G.

Lawrenceville, GA

99 Caye W.

Pride, LA

100 John M.

Philadelphia, PA

101 Patricia M.

Livonia, MI

102 Russ H.

Leander, TX

103 Jill V.

Fairview, NC

104 Linda P.

Okemos, MI

105 Ally N.

Perry, MI

106 Bede H.

Erina Heights, NSW, Australia

107 Michael Mary R.

Omaha, NE

108 Susan M.

Melrose, MA

109 Jason K.

Troy, NY

110 Linda E.

Scottsdale, AZ

111 Theresa L.

Elyria, OH

112 Ted W.

St. Paul, MN

113 Aeslin B.

Chicago, IL

114 Genevieve S.

Chula Vista, CA

115 Edith R.

Wilmington, DE

116 Jeanette W.

Stouffville, ON, Canada

117 Teresa P.

Little Orleans, MD

118 Michelle D.

Little Orleans, MD

119 Sandra M.

Vista, CA

120 Darlyne F.

Cerritos, CA

121 Christine D.

Dublin, OH

122 Brian S.

Carmel, CA

123 Jmaes M.

Laurel, MD

124 Kevin D.

Lee, MA

125 Lisa G.

Lincoln, NH

126 Theresa R.

Yonkers, NY

127 JULIA M.


128 Marie C.

Oakville, ON, Canada

129 Betsy Rita K.

Macon, GA

130 Brittany H.

Chicago, IL

131 Gina marilou A.

Costa Mesa, CA

132 Anne A.

Bolton, United Kingdom

133 Mary V.

Oconomowoc, WI

134 Teresa D.

Valley Center, KS

135 Kimberly K.

Homer City, PA

136 Christine T.

West Chester, PA

137 Ritamarie L.

Wake Forest, NC

138 Mary B.

Marina Del Rey, CA

139 Lydia A.

San Diego, CA

140 RosaryManJim D.

Milford, PA

141 maria M.

pomona, CA

142 Daniel K.

Grafton, MA

143 Bruce B.

Phoenix, AZ

144 Eric M.

Cleveland, OH

145 Patrizio A.

Cagliari, Italia

146 Karen W.

Dartmouth, NS, Canada

147 anonymous P.

city, ST

148 Patti S.

Van Nuys, CA

149 Audrey A.

Fleetwood, U.K.

150 david P.

howell, NJ

151 George M.

Minneapolis, MN

152 Iris P.

Anacortes, WA

153 marie L.

West Sussex, Great Britain

154 mary B.

wstpaul, MN

155 John T.

Salida, CO

156 Gary D.

Loma Linda, CA

157 Kathleen A.

Phoenix, AZ

158 Austin J.

Rockwood, TN

159 Ilea D.

Bakersfield, CA

160 Cindy H.

St. Charles, MO

161 Deborah S.

Oakdale, NY

162 Ira G.

Veneta, OR

163 Eric S.

Lansing, KS

164 Alicia C.

Louisville, OH

165 Rev. John E.

Rockford, IL

166 Jayne B.

Derby Line, VT

167 Brenda C.

Joplin, MO

168 Jeffrey R.

Halifax, NS, Canada

169 Janice L.

Simi Valley, CA

170 Karen W.

Council Bluffs, IA

171 Karin S.

Clark, NJ

172 Betty C.

Smyrna, GA

173 Mike C.

Smyrna, GA

174 Henry T.

Natchitoches, LA

175 Rose T.

Natchitoches, LA

176 Sally H.

Denver, CO

177 Trina V.

Lone Tree, CO

178 Mary Jo C.

Highlands Ranch, CO

179 Becky P.

Lone Tree, CO

180 Jacki M.

Centennial, CO

181 Elaine M.

Centennial, CO

182 Maria S.

Highlands Ranch, CO

183 Janet M.

Englewood, CO

184 Sean D.

Littleton, CO

185 Linda M.

Centennial, CO

186 Laura M.

Centennial, CO

187 Jenn D.

Littleton, CO

188 Bethany D.

Littleton, CO

189 Maria A.

Parker, CO

190 Brett A.

Parker, CO

191 Ruth S.

Centennial, CO

192 Regina D.

Littleton, CO

193 Kelvin D.

Littleton, CO

194 Cindy L.

Littleton, CO

195 Mary Colleen L.

Centennial, CO

196 Paul L.

Centennial, CO

197 Matthew S.

Highlands Ranch, CO

198 Cynthia B.

Centennial, CO

199 Barb M.

Lone Tree, CO

200 Caisey C.

Gig Harbor, WA

201 Carolyn K.

Castle Rock, CO

202 Shaun W.

Natchitoches, LA

203 Karen S.

Natchitoches, LA

204 Eve J.

Natchitoches, LA

205 Karen J.

Littleton, CO

206 Debbie L.

Clio, MI

207 Mary W.

Albuquerque, NM

208 Fran G.

Narberth, PA

209 Mary (Molly) E.

Sackville, NS

210 Lena M.

Littleton, CO

211 claudia F.

katy, TX

212 Carol C.

Tallahassee, FL

213 Linda W.

Tallahassee, FL

214 Cindy V.

Omaha, NE

215 Rita S.

Mechanicsburg, Pa


Kampala, Uganda

217 Elda B.

Oakdale, MN

218 Skiciontano S.

Moscow, Russia

219 Jeff R.

Nashville, TN

220 DONNA D.


221 Rose P.

Melbourne, Australia

222 Rebecca C.

Montrose, PA

223 Glenda P.

Southport, NC

224 DoctorReva D.

Porsgrunn, Norway

225 Lee Ann K.

Mora, MN

226 Jill S.

Boise, ID

227 Steve M.

Omaha, NE

228 DoctorAronos D.

Elvas, Portugal

229 Rick F.

Newton, WI

230 Tsitsi K.


231 David G.

London, UK

232 Lana U.

Malta, MT

233 John M.

Overland Park, KS

234 Mary L.

Merrill, WI

235 Adriatikaaa A.

SPB, Russia

236 Fredric R.

Salisbury, PA

237 Marguerite P.

Pittsburgh, PA

238 Christina R.

Riverside, CA

239 Patrick H.

West Hartford, CT

240 Diane S.

Palm Desert, CA

241 Patricia H.

San Francisco, CA

242 Kevin S.

Calgary, AB, Canada

243 Joan H.

Roanoke Rapids, NC

244 deva N.

thanjavur, tamilnadu,india

245 Mary D.

Peachtree City, GA

246 Amy S.

Germantown, TN

247 Jean P.

Collierville, TN

248 Angela M.

Manchester, UK

249 Alan S.

Brownstown TWP, MI

250 Holly M.

Trenton, MI

251 Cheryl R.

Newport, MI

252 Janet S.

Trenton, MI

253 Janet S.

Brownstown Twp., MI

254 Erica H.

Brownstown twp., MI

255 Margaret U.

Gibraltar, MI

256 Christopher L.

WIsconsin Rapids, WI

257 Dawn W.

Stockbridge, MA

258 Patty M.

Highland Lakes, NJ

259 Margaret O.

Moscow Mills, MO

260 Carla B.

Cherryville, NC

261 Mary Ann V.

Shreveport, LA

262 Teresa V.

Sacramento, CA

263 Deborah F.

Blue Ridge, GA

264 Maria R.

Blue Ridge, Ga

265 vayla C.

Cherry Log, GA

266 Kathy M.

Plainfield, IN

267 Julia F.

Blue Ridge, GA

268 Tina C.

Wiscasset, ME

269 Julie M.

St. Cloud, MN

270 Eloisa S.

Austin, TX

271 Noel P.

Monrovia, IN

272 Judy C.

Slidell, LA

273 JohnMary L.

Puerto Maldonado, Peru

274 Carolyn L.

Jacksonville, FL

275 Aaron D.

Rockford, Il

276 Jennifer S.

Williamson, Ny

277 james H.

colo springs, CO

278 Sr. Theresa Marie K.

Portage, PA



280 Dan R.

Scotts Valley, Ca

281 Michelle K.

Toronto, ON, Canada

282 Alba M.

peachtree city, GA

283 Angel D.

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico

284 theresa C.

longport, NJ

285 Christine R.

Rochester Hills, MI

286 Donna B.

Rochester , MI

287 Janet B.

Rochester, MI

288 Judy C.

Troy, MI

289 Elaine J.

Bloomfield Hills, MI

290 Geri N.

Rochester, MI

291 Toni N.

Bloomfield Hills, MI

292 Fran W.

Sterling Heights, MI

293 Nancy R.

Troy, MI

294 Patrice T.

Rochester , MI

295 Michaelene H.

Clarkston, MI

296 Alice D.

Clarkston, MI

297 Stef D.

Clarkston, MI

298 Maura P.

Clarkston, MI

299 Diana S.

Onalaska, WI

300 JoEllen K.

Park City, UT

301 Pat F.

Boulder, CO

302 Ann M.

Louisville, CO

303 Janis R.

Lafayette, CO

304 Samuel J.

Oklahoma City, OK

305 Mary H.

Niwot, CO

306 Joanne F.

Broomfield, CO

307 Carrie K.

Broomfield, co

308 Sarah B.

Boulder, CO

309 Emilia M.

Anambra, Nigeria

310 AItaftabeway A.

Victoria, Seychelles

311 Misericodia Zandile M.

Cape Town, South Africa

312 Roy A.

Cary, NC

313 Catherine F.

Saint Louis, MO

314 Patty M.

Saint Louis, Mo

315 george E.

somers point, Zimbabwe

316 Judy M.

Corydon, IN

317 Ann B.

Nashua, NH

318 Mary Katherine L.

Lakeway, TX

319 Shirley R.

Madison, MS

320 Vincent F.

Ave Maria, Fl

321 Marie R.

Los Angeles, CA

322 Joseph G.

Los Angeles, CA

323 Mason D.

Los Angeles, CA

324 Mirande G.

Los angeles, California

325 Kathey O.

Chandler, AZ

326 Mary Q.

LaSalle, IL

327 Kailyn H.

Fort Wayne, IN

328 Heather J.

Rockport, ma

329 Martha Y.

Huntington Beach, CA

330 Jeanne F.

Huntington Beach, CA

331 Don K.

Huntington Beach, CA

332 Shirley S.

Alfred, Me

333 Francesca P.

Huntington Beach, CA

334 sally D.

huntington beach, ca.

335 Deborah S.

Oakdale, NY

336 Joan Z.

Coquitlam, B.C. Canada

337 Patricia D.

Oklahom City, OK

338 Nadia R.

Devon, AB, Canada

339 Judy F.

Newark, DE

340 Shane O.

Larne, N.Ireland

341 Raissa F.

Murrysville, PA

342 Christine E.

Greensburg, PA

343 Suzi L.

Spring, TX

344 Colleen W.

Phillipsburg, NJ

345 Patrica M.

Derry , Northern Ireland

346 matt O.

New York, NY

347 sajenbxzbo S.

Babson Park, United States

348 William C.

Dallas, TX

349 Cindy R.

Chesterfield, MO

350 Susan H.

Jacksonville, FL

351 Katharine B.

Harrow, London

352 Andrew B.

Johnston, RI

353 Reji George K.

Ernakulam, Kerala-India

354 Samuelor S.

Москва, Россия

355 Barbara Rose M.


356 varlog U.

New York, NY

357 BrandonSa B.

Москва, Россия

358 Bobbi T.

Dallas, TX

359 Cecilia Kaye L.

Tulsa, OK

360 Margaret R.

West Allis, WI

361 Letty M.

Halfmoon, NY

362 Denise M.

San Antonio , TX

363 sandra faustina M.

frankfort utica, NY

364 Julie Rose K.

Mount Pleasant, SC

365 Sinclair C.

Orlando, FL

366 Gwanetha N.

Greeley, CO

367 Rosemary A.

Tacoma, WA

368 Ernesto B.

Baybay, Leyte, Philippines

369 Ann W.

Marshfield, WI

370 Mary S.

Springfield, IL

371 Patrick P.

Las Piñas , Metro Manila, Philippines

372 Toni L.

Luling, LA

373 Carole K.

Vegreville, AB, Canada

374 Layla K.

Nashville, TN

375 Patricia M.

Vegreville, AB, Canada

376 Dennis M.

In-Nadur, Gozo, Malta

377 Deborah C.

Muenster, TX

378 Rose G.

Muenster, TX

379 Lanie B.

Muenster, TX

380 Mary E.

Muenster , TX

381 Linda S.

Muenster, TX

382 Kristie B.

Muenster, TX

383 rodger F.

College Park, MD

384 Corey C.

Decatur, AL

385 Margaret N.

Lillian, Al

386 Meg P.

Blue Bell, PA

387 Cynthia C.

Horseshoe Bend, AR

388 Derekgerard G.

NY.city, NY.state.USA

389 Ken B.

Whitehall, NY

390 Deb B.

Whitehall, NY

391 Cynthia A.

Edinburg, TX

392 Anne A.

Halifax, NS

393 Mary Therese M.

Halifax, Canada

394 Rachel J.

Halifax, NS Canada

395 Patty W.

Halifax, Nov Scotia

396 Mildred Y.

Halifax, NS

397 MaryAnn S.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

398 Patricia R.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

399 Carlotta S.

Halifax, NS

400 Martina M.

Halifax, NS

401 Kathy J.

Grand Prairie, TX

402 Christine A.

Allentown, PA

403 Margy S.

Allentown, PA

404 Rebecca W.

Halifax, NS

405 Judith L.

Schnecksville, PA

406 Margaret T.

Allentown, PA

407 Teresa Y.

Allentown , PA

408 Rose N.

Center Valley, PA

409 Marie Y.

Macungie, PA

410 Alicia A B.

Whitehall, pa.

411 Theresa O.

Macungie , Pa.

412 Joan K.

Godfrey, IL

413 Don R.

Lansing, MI

414 Elizabeth Y.

Allentown, Pa 18103

415 Paul M.

Omaha, NE USA

416 Patricia Z.

Troy, NY

417 denise B.

alpine, TX

418 Catherine W.

Denver, CO

419 Kevin G.

Ardsley, PA

420 Monica S.

San Antonio, FL

421 John M.

Nairobi, Kenya

422 Jereme H.

Rochester, MN

423 Annalisa M.

DeKalb, IL

424 Jennifer W.

Cedar Springs, Mi

425 Susan G.

Lee, MA

426 Nancy G.

Alvin, TX

427 Marylu P.

Alvin, TX

428 SemenKn S.

Kostroma, Russia

429 Maureen M.

Ireland, Kerry

430 Heather D.

Morgantown, WV

431 Amedeus M.

Dares Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania

432 Margaret o S.

St. Peters , Mo.

433 Barbara G.

Happy Valley, OR

434 Dianne A.

Ellington, CT

435 Lauren H.

Tomball, TX

436 Mary K.

Wake, VA

437 Ale L.

Lemont, Illinois

438 Patricia E. C.

Deltona, Florida,32725

439 Marcela R.

Little Elm, TX

440 Margaret G.

Fayetteville, NC

441 Maureen S.

Beaverton, OR

442 Jacquelyn L.

Beaverton, OR

443 Laura D.

Portland, OR

444 Beverly M.

Aloha, OR

445 Rachel O.

Beaverton, OR

446 Nancy D.

Beaverton,, OR

447 Victoria C.

portland, OR

448 Mary O.

Portland, OR

449 Betsy W.

Beaverton, OR

450 Michele C.

Beaverton, Or

451 Caroline O.

Tigard, OR

452 Brenda C.

Beaverton, OR

453 Erica B.

Beaverton, OR

454 Gwen H.

Beaverton , Oregon

455 Cathy F.

Portland, OR

456 Mary R.

Beaverton, OR

457 Diane D.

Beaverton, OR

458 Maureen R.

Beaverton, OR

459 Maria A. G.

Beaverton , Oregon

460 Charlene S.

Beaverton,, OR

461 Kristin H.

Beaverton, OR

462 Elizabeth T.

Beaverton, Oregon

463 Pat T.

Tigard, OR

464 Colleen S.

Beaverton, , OR

465 Diana S.

Beaverton, OR

466 Geneva M.

Cedar Hill, TX

467 Christine F.

Liberty Township, OH/USA

468 Doreen D.

Manchester, NH

469 Mary R.

Thornton, CO

470 Bill B.

Oro Valley, AZ

471 Jeane B.

Oro Valley, AZ

472 Vicki A.

Stamford, CT

473 Nicol R.

Stamford, Ct

474 Mary Ann V.

Beaverton, OR - Oregon

475 Brenda J. M.

Bealeton, VA

476 Kathy M.

Stamford, CT

477 Tricia L.

Stamford, CT

478 Kevin C.

Belvue, Kansas USA. 66407

479 Tatiana H.

Bridgewater, NJ

480 Cyndee W.

St. Petersburg, FL

481 Phyllis F.

Marana, AZ

482 Jamie S.

Osceola, IN

483 Melanie G.

Garden City, NY

484 Sharon R.

Upper Marlboro, MD

485 Albert C.

Miami, Fl

486 Uriel H.

San Francisco, CA

487 Allison W.

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

488 Gwyn M.

Birmingham, AL

489 Christine A.

Norton Shores, MI

490 Agnes R.

Alexandria, LA

491 Tom O.

Ann Arbor,, MI

492 Mary C.

Mt. Angel, OR

493 Cathy B.

Mt. Angel, OR

494 Kelli M.

Mt. Angel, OR

495 Mayda R.

Mt. Angel, OR

496 MariaAmalia C.

Mt. Angel, OR

497 Jean S.

Mt. Angel, OR

498 Dottie D.

Mt. Angel, OR

499 Joseph W.

Mt. Angel, OR

500 Laura M.

Brooks, OR

501 Lisa B.

Mulino, OR

502 Boyd B.

Mulino, OR

503 Bernadette W.

Mt. Angel, OR

504 Anita M.

San Francisco, CA

505 Colleen L.

Palos Park, Il

506 Colleen L.

Palos Park, iL

507 Mary Ann D.

Hebron, ND

508 Mark M.

New York, NY

509 Beverly F.

Danvers, MA

510 Nancy A.

Davenport, IA

511 marline C.

fitchburg ma, MA

512 Kathleen K.

Pinellas Park, FL

513 Nancy L.

Bedford, MA.

514 Melinda D.

Bryn Mawr, PA

515 Alvaro S.

Ottawa, ON

516 Linas Joseph S.

Baton Rouge, LA

517 Diana S.

Torrance, Ca

518 Ronald S.

Torrance, Ca

519 Kristen K.

Wichita, KS

520 Thong. N.

Suwanee, Georgia

521 Martha T.

Casselberry , FL

522 Louis C.

Hawthorne, NY

523 Mary B.

Salisbury, NC

524 Linda W.

Macclenny, FL

525 joan F.

Pine Bush, NY

526 Matthew H.

Oceanside, NY

527 Pat K.

Sierra Vista, AZ

528 Theresa P.

Ridge, NY

529 Diane C.

Jacksonville, FL

530 Ana V.


531 Angel J.

Jacksonville , Florida

532 Joseph T.

Detroit, MI

533 Rick H.

Edithvale, VIC AUS

534 Charles K.

Albemarle, N.C.

535 John B.

Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada

536 Tessie D.

Chino Hills, CA

537 Roberta U.

La Crosse, WI

538 John U.

La Crosse, WI

539 Dermot G.

Springfield , Massachusetts

540 Laura Lee W.

Greendale, WI

541 Dely P.

Fullerton, CA

542 Rick J.

Woodbridge , VA

543 Ignatius D.

Yogyakarta , INDONESIA

544 Paula B.

League City, TX

545 Heather H.

Gloucester, ON

546 Phyllis T.

Worcester, MA

547 Kathy S.

York, Pa

548 Cheryl A.

Smithfield, Ri

549 Renee O.

Carver, Mass

550 Ronald C.

Bloomington, IL

551 Karen P.

San Jose , CA

552 Kathleen J.

Orlando, FL

553 Jewell J.

Orlando, FL

554 Catherine P.

Calgary, AB

555 Pilar Z.

Tallahassee , Florida

556 Barb S.

Bloomer, WI

557 Barb S.

Bloomer, WI

558 Monica H.

Westlake, OH

559 Karen B.

Bay village, OH

560 Wendy A.

Westlake, OH

561 Lauri B.

Glenwood Springs, CO

562 Deanne D.

Glenview, IL

563 Emilia Y.

Northbrook, IL

564 Alicia S.

Northfield, IL

565 Mary F.

Queensbury, NY

566 Celia P.

Lutz, Fl

567 Jessica I.

Monroe, CT

568 Rob R.

Doylestown, PA

569 Valerie P.

Doylestown, PA

570 Debbie M.

Doylestown, Pa

571 Tayler A.

Littleton , Colorado

572 Maria P.

Glens Falls, NY

573 Patti S.

Salem, OH

574 Jeanne R.

Middletown , CT

575 Laura C.

Methuen, MA

576 Michael C.

Methuen, MA

577 Andrea N.

Dracut, MA

578 Laurie B.

Methuen, MA

579 Marie C.

Dracut, MA

580 Cathy G.

Shreveport, LA

581 Sandy N.

Dracut, MA

582 Jennifer D.

Bel Air, MD

583 Carol D.

Dracut, MA

584 Normand P.

Dracut, ma

585 Elaine P.

Dracut, ma


Kingman, AZ

587 Anne H.

New Era, MI

588 Richard H.

New Era, MI

589 Diane P.

Las Vegas, NV

590 Diane S.

Allentown, PA

591 Bill Y.

Cooper City, FL

592 Catharine D.

Wichita, KS

593 John H.

New Richmond, WI

594 JOANN F.

Worcester, MA

595 Karen W.

Rock Hill, SC

596 Amalou L.

Glenview, IL

597 Carol S.

Butler, Pa

598 Beth M.

Pittsburgh, PA

599 Stephenrow S.

Kabul, Afghanistan

600 Briandroni B.

Sishen, South Africa

601 Kim L.

St. Peters, MO

602 Theresa F.

Gainesville, VA

603 tim C.

south paris, ME

604 Jackie L.

Haymarket, VA

605 Jackie L.

Haymarket, VA

606 Matt S.

Bristow, VA

607 Lourdes S.

Bristow, VA

608 Tim S.

Manassas, VA

609 Mary Jo S.

Manassas, VA

610 Maria A G.

Houston, TX

611 DIEGO S.


612 Marilyn K.

Pittsburgh, PA

613 Will M.

Santa Cruz, CA

614 Caterina L.

Burnt Hills, NY

615 Sundari M.

Aler, Telangana

616 Pilar N.

Largo, FL

617 Natalia S.

General Cepeda, Mexico

618 Evangelina C.

General Cepeda, Mexico

619 Francisca C.

General Cepeda, Mexico

620 Diana Sofia G.

General Cepeda, Mexico

621 Shirley F.

Inverloch, Victoria

622 Delphia S.

Estero, FL

623 MichaelFitax M.


624 Catherine B.

St. Petersburg, FL

625 Kathleen K.

Lexington, TM

626 Jim J.

Raleigh, NC


Manila, Philippines

628 Roma K.

Foster, RI

629 Hector B.

San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA

630 John V.

Manila, The Philippines

631 Alicia B.

Lynnwood, Washington\

632 Ivan F.

Houston, TX

633 Tashena M.

Bronx, NY

634 Steven H.

Jacksonville, FL

635 Barneyxcq K.

New York, NY

636 Barneyxcq P.

New York, NY

637 Barneyxcq J.

New York, NY

638 Joan S.

Houston, TX

639 Paulina A.

Gainesville, VA

640 Marilynn F.

Blue Springs,, MO

641 Crystal G.

Ashland, WI

642 Toni S.

Elkhorn, NE

643 JOHN C.


644 Deborah A.

Pasadena, TX

645 Katherine C.

Osceola , Nebraska

646 Terry C.

Osceola , Nebraska

647 Oscar S.

Guthrie, OK

648 Michael M.

Mechanicsville, MD

649 Suzan C.

Brandon, MS

650 Michael A.

Littleton , Colorado

651 Sheila B.

Hilliard, OH

652 Cathy P.

Meadville, PA

653 Richard R.

Wentworth, SD

654 Robyn S.

Wetumpka, AL

655 Kim B.

Minneapolis, MN

656 Kathy B.

Hamburg, NY

657 Steven F.

Katy, TX

658 George E.

Pace, FL

659 Ann A.

Vista, CA

660 Kathy L.

Naperville , Illinois

661 Douglas P.

San Diego, CA

662 Kelly H.

Colleyville, TX

663 dale C.

Ceresco, NE

664 Richmond L.

Navotas City, Philippines

665 Karina K.

Tampa, FL

666 Patti H.

The Woodlands, TX

667 Susan S.

The Woodlands, TX

668 Margie G.

Conroe, TX 77384

669 Mark S.

The Woodlands, TX

670 Lourdes K.

The Woodlands, TX

671 Betty B.

The Woodlands, TX

672 Susan C.

Conroe, TX

673 Mary M.

The Woodlands, TX

674 Anne C. K.

The Woodlands, TX

675 Helen H.

The Woodlands, TX

676 Walter R.

Conroe, TX

677 Hilary E.

Tomball, TX

678 Judy P.

Medina, Oh

679 Albert P.

Medina, Oh

680 Trisha T.

Fort Wayne, IN

681 Michael W.

Fort Wayne, IN

682 Carol S.

Fort Wayne, IN

683 Anne F.

Westlake, OH

684 Joyce W.

Bay Village, OH

685 Kathy P.

Westlake, OH

686 Ellen G.

Avon Lake, OH

687 Steve B.

Bay Village, OH

688 Martin L.

Westlake, OH

689 Allen A.

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

690 Cynthia S.

Indian Harbour Beach , FL, USA

691 Lauren L.

Tallahassee, FL

692 Jim G.

Palos Park, IL

693 Gustavo R.

Ponce, PR

694 Ermine C.

Calgary , AB

695 Jeffrey C.

Rapid City, SD

696 Deanna J.

Rapid City, SD

697 Laura S.

Rapid city, SD

698 Teresa S.

Rapid city, SD

699 Sherry B.

Box Elder, SD

700 Martha C.

Rapid City, SD

702 Molly F.

Davenport, IA, IA

703 Gustavo R.

Ponce, PR

704 Linda R.

St. Petersburg, FL

705 Linda R.


706 AnnaMaria-AMDG M.


707 Gustavo R.

Ponce, PR

708 Tammy L.

Victoria, TX

709 Orysia H.

Mesa, AZ

710 Rita N.

Sterling Heights , Michigan

711 Nydia M.

Casselberry, FL

712 Mark R.

Broken Arrow, OK

713 Gustavo R.

Ponce, PR

714 Esther P.

Carlisle, Cumbria, United Kingdom

715 Kiley G.

Camberley, United Kingdom

716 Sally P.

Chichester , West Sussex England

717 Patricia Mary M.

Camberley, Surrey

718 Bela G.

Hollywood, FL

719 Richard G.

Hollywood , FL

720 Kasey C.

Southwest Ranches , FL

721 Gustavo R.

Ponce, PR

722 Dawn C.

Archdale , NC

723 Christopher C.

Tunkhannock, PA

724 Marie S.

Colorado Springs, CO

725 Yvonne V.

Staten Island, NY

726 Susan C.

Chapel Hill, NC

727 Mary B.

Loretto, KY