Endorsements of "Consoling the Heart of Jesus"

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Michael Gaitley, MIC's book is a form of a weekend retreat accessible to those at the beginning stages of a simple way to holiness. While reading this book, I wished I could have had it in conversing with people of little or practically no faith who yet had a longing for the faith that lies at the core of human existence. These hearts are "restless until they rest in Thee, Lord," and this book guides them on a journey to resting in God. A key to appreciating this book comes from my assumption that most — not all — people want to go to heaven; many, if not most, are afraid to become saints. Unfortunately for them, only saints get to heaven; the other kind of souls have no interest in heaven, and they get their wishes. Fortunately for all of us this retreat book is an accessible guide to becoming saints — even great saints.

President of Ignatius Productions and Host of EWTN's "Threshold of Hope" and "EWTN Live."

In Consoling the Heart of Jesus, Michael Gaitley, MIC, makes Ignatian spirituality accessible to the rest of us. He has a true gift for moving even small souls closer to Christ. This book is a flexible retreat, a conversation with Christ, and a personal call to greater holiness. The voice of Christ in these pages is one that even this hopelessly distracted wife and mother of eight could hear and respond to. Reading it has been an enormous blessing to me, one that I treasure and will return to often. If you are a small soul, too, Jesus is speaking to you right now. Read this book — all at once or in small increments as your life allows — and find out what He has to say.


This retreat, which is so well fitted into the busy life of the layperson, nonetheless includes all the essential parts of a genuine retreat of the Spiritual Exercises. Although focused on the Divine Mercy, it also includes the insights of Saints Ignatius Loyola and Louis de Montfort. It is also influenced by the Venerable Father Lanteri, who brings his own intensity and devotion into the retreat. All of this should make a devout person at home and yet push the person on to higher levels of devotion and spirituality.

Author, lecturer, retreat master, and TV host

Consoling the Heart of Jesus is a beautiful work, and yet another path to the Heart of Jesus, one especially suited to men and women of our day who are living busy, demanding lives. It is a solution for the person who can find neither the time nor the money to travel to a retreat house for a weekend or longer. It is also an appealing method of retreat that can be adopted by a prayer group, parish group, or sodality. With the help of this book, may many more souls find and rest in the Heart of Jesus.

Superior General of the Sisters of Life

For those wishing to know something about the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises and for those who think they already understand them, this book will prove invaluable. Confidently written in an informal, easy-to-read style, broadly theorized with the aid of Saints Faustina, Louis de Montfort, and Thérèse of Lisieux, and thoroughly researched as the References and Notes indicate, it gives a refreshing approach to making a retreat on one's own.

Ignatian Retreat Master

Remarkable. Beautiful. Simple. May the Lord fill the hearts of all who make this inspired retreat.

Founder of the Little Brothers of Saint Francis

Michael Gaitley, MIC, drawing on the rich Catholic tradition, has given us in this book, a weekend "immersion course" to help us respond to our call to holiness. For those who don't have the time or money to get away for a traditional retreat, this book is a godsend.

President of Renewal Ministries and host of the long running Catholic TV program, "The Choices We Face."

Through Consoling the Heart of Jesus, I came to realize that the Man who walked in Nazareth and died on Calvary, the same Man who appeared to St. Faustina and St. Margaret Mary, walks with me each day throughout life's pilgrimage. Jesus is my constant companion and He desires to be yours as well. I strongly encourage anyone who yearns to encounter Love Incarnate on a daily basis to read this retreat.

Graduate Student, Theology

Michael Gaitley, MIC, is to be highly commended for his beautiful book, Consoling the Heart of Jesus. In our busy, hectic, modern world, his approach, based on the time-tested principles of the great St. Ignatius of Loyola, as understood by Fr. Lanteri, will draw the faithful retreatant ever more deeply into the mystery of the Heart of Christ. By seeking to console the Heart of Jesus, "bruised for our iniquities," we in return receive an abundance of graces to overcome our own weaknesses and grow in holiness by laying a sure foundation on the Rock, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Author of Heart of the Redeemer