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St. Faustina: The Secretary of Divine Mercy


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Saint Faustina: The Secretary of Divine Mercy


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Fr. Chris Alar, MIC — St. Faustina and The Divine Mercy Message and Devotion
Father Chris Alar, MIC, the director of the Association of Marian Helpers, talks about the life of St. Faustina and The Divine Mercy message and devotion on Oct. 5 2015, at the Mother of Mercy Outdoor Shrine on Eden Hill in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

Special resources

Who was she
We know what the Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska accomplishes. A spiritual classic, it chronicles Faustina's miraculous experiences of Divine Mercy in her soul and the mission Christ gave her to share that mercy with the world. What it doesn't accomplish is to give a full picture of the woman behind the saint. So let's take a look at what some of the people who knew her had to say. Who was she
Link: http://www.thedivinemercy.org/news/Who-Was-She-5493

Part 1: Introducing Faustina
Before Faustina was even beatified, Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, MIC, guides viewers along the geographical and spiritual paths that defined the future saint. We've broken the hour-long film down to four parts. Here they are:
Link: http://www.thedivinemercy.org/news/The-Life-and-Times-of-Sister-Faustina-Part-1-5952

Part 2: Christ Puts Faustina to Work
Link: http://www.thedivinemercy.org/news/The-Life-and-Times-of-Sister-Faustina-Part-2-5968

Part 3: The Very Heart of the Faith
Link: http://www.thedivinemercy.org/news/The-Life-and-Times-of-Sister-Faustina-Part-1-5984

Part 4: Faustina Proves She Will Not Forget Us
Link: http://www.thedivinemercy.org/videos/The-Life-and-Times-of-Sister-Faustina-Part-4-6000

Faustina a Gift of God to Our Time
The following is the homily given by Pope John Paul II on that historic day in St. Peter's Square on April 30, 2000, when he canonized St. Faustina, the "Apostle of Divine Mercy”:
Link: http://www.thedivinemercy.org/news/Faustina-a-Gift-of-God-to-Our-Time-3877

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Faustina: The Mystic and Her Message
Follow the path of Faustina on her journey to sainthood. Award-winning author and historian Dr. Ewa Czaczkowska tenaciously pursued Faustina to ultimately produce a biography that ... Read more

  • Product Code: BIOSF
  • Paperback : 456 pages
  • Reg. Price: $21.95
  • Price: $19.95

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The Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy In My Soul
This new release replaces the original 27 CD set released in 2010 with three MP3 discs containing the complete 33-hour audio Diary. Also included is a bonus DVD containing an inter... Read more

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  • Audio Book CD
  • Price: $24.95
Jubilee Year - PRAYING WITH ST. MARIA FAUSTINA -  Shop Mercy

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Praying with St. Maria Faustina
Arranged and Introduced by Colleen Free. 115 pages.

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  • Paperback : 115 pages
  • Price: $6.95
Jubilee Year - THE LETTERS OF SAINT FAUSTINA -  Shop Mercy

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The Letters of Saint Faustina
The Letters of Saint Faustina These letters shed fresh light on the personal life and spirituality of St. Faustina, making them a fascinating read for those who are familiar with h... Read more

  • Product Code: EOSF
  • Paperback : 260 pages
  • Price: $14.95
Jubilee Year - DIVINE MERCY, NO ESCAPE -  Shop Mercy

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Divine Mercy, No Escape
Divine Mercy, No Escape the story of St. Faustina, a young Polish nun chosen by God to share His message of mercy .Hermann D. Tauchert.

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  • Video DVD : 47 minutes
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Jubilee Year - TIME FOR MERCY -  Shop Mercy

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Time for Mercy
DVD. 60 minutes. Narrated by emmy award nominee actor, Joseph Campanella.

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