Staggering on the Way to Heaven

The great saints walk home to Heaven. For too many of us ... well, the pilgrimage home is rather less dignified than that.

'Heading' Up Intercessory Prayer

A few years ago, Melodie prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet at the bedside of her dying brother. Here's what happened next.

When Others Are Hard to Love

By Marc Massery

Is there someone in your life who is hard to love? 

Sometimes, God puts people in our lives with whom we have a hard time reconciling. Maybe we understand them but they just never seem to get us. But if they’re a family member, a friend, or a coworker, sometimes we have to withhold from them our anger and frustration in order to keep the peace. Saint Faustina knew this silent pain well. She wrote:

It's All We Need

God does not need us, but man, does He love us.

Too Busy for Others?

Are you frequently too busy to help others when they come to you in need? Let's see what the Gospel has to say. 

A Novena for Thieves

When thieves broken into her house and stole her television, she felt violated. But God gave her a sign that made her realize the power of her prayers. 

Too Much Entertainment

Indulging in too much entertainment poses a danger to our spiritual health. Are you at risk? 


The following is an excerpt from the Marian Press book 52 Weeks with St. Faustina by Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle:

“We resemble God most when we forgive our neighbors.”
Diary, 1148

Week 39

Do Not Do Evil for a Good Cause

Christ and His Church forbid us to walk the path of “anything in the name of” something good, even something so good as God Himself.

'Doc' Brings Him Home

Dusty was bitter toward the Catholic faith, but he kept an open mind as Doc brought him to the Shrine in Stockbridge.