Remember St. Dominic’s Gift: Pray the Rosary Every Day

"Continue to say the Rosary every day in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary, to obtain the peace of the world and the end of the war, because only she can obtain it" — Our Lady at Fatima, Portugal, July 13, 1917

WATCH: Marians in Formation Make, Renew Vows

On Aug. 15, the Solemnity of the Assumption, the Marian Fathers of the future made or renewed their vows. The 9 a.m. Mass and ceremony were livestreamed.

Part 4: Sloth

Let's talk about sin, shall we? The following is part four of our weekly series on the Seven Deadly Sins.

In Hard Times, Remember Your Blessings

Remember, in the midst of darkness, when you saw the Lord in his light! Remember, when doubts assail you, that you have seen wonders!

The Miracle Worker of Ars

In saints like John Vianney, we get a glimpse of the end of the world, of the final conquest of evil by good. We get a taste of the time when every tear shall be wiped away, every wrong made right, where justice and mercy consummate history, and where God shall be all in all.

Who Was St. John Vianney?

This saint spent a lifetime working wonders the likes of which the Church rarely sees.

Part 3: Greed

We don't call them the Deadly Sins for nothing. Greed kills.

Soldiers for Christ

It was Mary who oversaw Ignatius's transformation of life.

The Obligation of Mercy Towards Our Neighbor

During the temporary ban of the Divine Mercy devotion, Bl. Michael Sopocko (St. Faustina's confessor) wrote for our Marian Helpers Bulletin. See his article on the Obligation of Mercy towards our Neighbor from our July-Sept. 1962 Bulletin here.

Be Like the Mother, Be Like the Son

Mary’s Immaculate Heart is only so pure and holy by the grace of God, by reason of her relationship with God. That’s why the Church dedicates the month of August to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.