Generous Like Jesus

Look to the Sacred Heart. That's what our hearts are meant to be like: wounded by love and on fire with Divine Charity.

A Moment of Trauma

On a remote military outpost in Afghanistan, Marine Lieutenant Matt Ingold authorized the bombing of a building that resulted in the deaths of eight innocent women and children. Here’s his story.

Evangelize This Way

What's the method St. Paul used to bring as many people to Christ as he could? 

Prayers For a Non-Believer

For Barb from Colorado, prayer was not a major part of daily life. That soon changed.

He Can Turn Bad Into Good

Everyone, even some of the holiest saints, sinned. But if we repent, God can take the harm we've caused through our own sinfulness and turn it into something good.


No Other Gods

Don't mistake every good and perfect gift for the Gift-Giver (see Jas 1:17).

The Vaccines: You Probably Have Questions

The following is a crash course on the COVID-19 vaccines and the Church’s stance on their use. We ask that you give this a careful read and take it all to prayer.

Celibacy: It Terrifies Satan

Find out what Scripture has to say about celibacy and how the presence of Christ in the ordained can help drive out demons.

Chaplet Graces from Afar

Do the Divine Mercy Chaplet graces for the dying still apply if you can't physically pray by their side? Let's take a look. 

Doing Justice to Divine Justice

Dr. Robert Stackpole, STD, recently authored a book entitled, Divine Mercy and Divine Justice: Why Both are Essential to a Catholic Understanding of God. In this interview, he explains why he wrote it and what it’s all about. 

Tragic Loss Tested Her 'Medal'

After Linda's 19-year-old daughter died, all Linda could do to get through the day was say, "Jesus, I trust in You." Then, she had an unexpected discovery.