A True Catholic American

Some people are Christians under pretty good circumstances. And then there are those like Kateri Tekakwitha.

Knowing Your Worth

Are you a workaholic? In this modern world, it’s tempting to want to equate your self-worth with your productivity, with the kind of job you have, or with how much money you make.  

‘Is He — Quite Safe?’

In our suffering, many of us often doubt God's goodness. But He never promised us a completely safe life without pain. He did, however, promise us this.

This Answered Prayer Has a Ring to It

After Wendy's husband tragically lost his life in Iraq, she asked God for what many considered the impossible. The Lord more than came through for her. 

'My Yokes Fit Well'

Christ's words from the Gospel reading this Sunday put all of life's struggles into perspective. 

Dealing with Annoying People

Is there someone in your life who frequently annoys you? Here's what a couple of the holiest women have to say about that. 

Spreading Divine Mercy? Expect a Fight

There’s nothing the devil hates more than Divine Mercy. So the spiritual combat we face may well be extraordinary — but so will the divine assistance.