Help Save the Church

In his new book, Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, draws our attention to the greatest grace of all.

Hearing God's Voice this New Year

By Marc Massery

Turn to any page of St. Faustina’s Diary, and you’ll find spiritual gems. Like this one:

My daughter, let three virtues adorn you in a particular way: humility, purity of intention, and love. Do nothing beyond what I demand of you, and accept everything that My hand gives you. Strive for a life of recollection so that you can hear My voice, which is so soft that only recollected souls can hear it ... (Diary, 1779).

Lest We Forget

On this past Sept. 11, a veil was lifted on a 10-year dream of Fr. Donald Van Alstyne, MIC.

Practicing Catholics

This New Year, let us once again pick ourselves up, go to Confession, and put ourselves again on the way home to God, in imitation of Jesus Christ.

Jesus: More than a Guru

You're never going to become what you're meant to be through your own power. You need to rely upon the Lord. 

Behold, He Comes!

Christ is the God of beginnings that never end. His First Coming was not a single event in history that happened once and is now over.

Pause, Breathe, and Remember

Let’s take our seasons in the proper order, at the proper times. Advent is meant to be a spiritual journey.

The Child Jesus

How the Christ Child was a constant source of inspiration and joy for St. Faustina.

Trust in God and the Mother of God

Just as God entrusted Himself to her in the womb during Advent and in her arms at Christmas, so too let us turn ourselves and our needs over to her.