Not Just Another Evening at the Theater

A Friend of Mercy, Jennifer Nelson of Rockaway, New Jersey, shares her family’s experience of attending a sold-out showing of “Love and Mercy: Faustina” on Oct. 28.

Are You Consuming Junk?

Have you ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat?” This implication holds true when it comes to the type of media you consume.

We Are Our Fathers’ Keepers

The following is the cover story in the latest issue of Marian Helper magazine. Order a free copy.

By Terry Peloquin

If you’re angry with the Church, good. If the clergy abuse scandal and its aftermath has you fed up, good. If you’re distraught by divisions within the Church, good. You should be.

Pope Benedict XVI once said that “nothing makes the Church, the Body of Christ, suffer more than the sins of her pastors.”

Afraid of God?

Find out why you don't need to hide from God. 

What Does Devotion to 'The Divine Mercy' Signify?

When we use the phrase "The Divine Mercy" in prayer, do we know what or who we are actually talking about? Dr. Stackpole tries to clear up some verbal confusion here.

Advent: A How-To Guide

Advent means "coming," from the Latin for "arrival." So how are we to prepare for Christ's arrival?

Here's to a Holy Oil Change!

Knowing how much peace Heidi had found on the grounds of the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy, Mary Valek purchased two bottles of St. Faustina holy oil for her to use during her cancer treatment. Here’s what happened next.

Giving Thanks for Mercy and Mary

Giving thanks means that the world contains something gratuitous, something gracious, something extra and excessive beyond anything we or anyone else is owed.

Stuffed Full of Graces

Do you want the Lord to grant you as many graces as you can hold? Commemorate Thanksgiving by doing this ...

Why Humility?

Why does God give us lessons in humility from time to time? Let's find out.