Feeling Distant from the Lord?

Sometimes, it may feel like the Lord is distant. But as St. Faustina understood well, He's never very far. 

In 2021, Listen to Your Fathers

Here's a New Year's resolution for you: Flood the zone with truth. This year, study the works of St. John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

How 'X' Marks the Spot

Saint Faustina and St. Joseph are spiritual kin in the exem­plary way they sought to do the will of God. Through them, we get a glimpse of the spiritual blueprints to sanctification and everlasting life.

The Word to the Wise

How are we all like Herod, the chief priests and scribes, and the Wise Men? Find out in this Sunday Scripture Preview.

The Finest Gift We Bring

More than 2,000 years after the birth of Christ, the Herods of the world are still having their way.

Lonely but Trusting

If you've been feeling lonely and isolated during this global pandemic, St. Faustina has a message for you. 

Prophets, True and False

We are called to be open to the Holy Spirit, innocent as doves ... but also wise as serpents (see Mt 10:16).

Perpetually Professed

These two know how to get things done for the Kingdom of God.

Acclaiming 'Explaining the Faith'

Ever since the start of the global pandemic, spiritual advisor of Friends of Mercy, Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, has been explaining the teachings of the Catholic faith through livestreamed talks every Saturday at 11 a.m. on