How to Observe Lent When You’re Already Suffering

Are you thinking to yourself, "Why should I choose to 'suffer' more, as a spiritual practice, when we've already suffered so much this year?" If so, here are some suggestions. 

Fixing a Spiritual Toothache

Find out what Scripture tells us about spiritual pain, and learn how we can heal this Lenten season.

The Priest Who First Believed Faustina

"In the confessional it became apparent that she knew things that no one under normal circumstances could know about," says Fr. Seraphim.

Rest in Peace, Fr. Seraphim Michalenko, MIC (1930-2021)

The man who smuggled photographic images of the pages of St. Faustina’s Diary out of Communist-occupied Poland in the 1970s and later documented her beatification and canonization miracles — died Thursday, Feb. 11, from illness related to COVID-19.

Propose. Never Impose.

The task at hand: Share Jesus as a blessing, not a burden.

The Day God Died

This is the day when human history stills, alters course, and begins to roll towards God again.

Part 3: Fortitude

Four months deep into an illness that would eventually kill her, St. Faustina prayed for fortitude. What is this fortitude she seeks?


When faced with a difficult decision, we need to ask ourselves this simple question.

A Moment of Trauma

On a remote military outpost in Afghanistan, Marine Lieutenant Matt Ingold authorized the bombing of a building that resulted in the deaths of eight innocent women and children. Here’s his story.

Generous Like Jesus

Look to the Sacred Heart. That's what our hearts are meant to be like: wounded by love and on fire with Divine Charity.

Evangelize This Way

What's the method St. Paul used to bring as many people to Christ as he could?