When You Feel Unsafe

Are you ever afraid for your own safety? Even St. Faustina felt this way at times. 

The Marians' Newest Priest

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and a power outage, Fr. David Smith, MIC, was ordained. Thank God!

‘Humbled and Overjoyed’

Brother Tyler steps up to the plate and professes his perpetual vows as a Marian Father.

Call Them 'Brothers'

Committed to Christ and service to the Church, three young men professed their first vows as members of the Marian Fathers.

The Case for the Assumption of Mary

We celebrate one of the greatest mysteries of the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Aug. 15. How do we know her Assumption really happened?

Fear Is Contagious

In the midst of all this, it’s easy to get frightened. But here's a sound plan going forward.

Afraid to Die?

Many in our culture act as if they will live forever. But you know the truth and with God's grace, you have nothing to fear. 

‘Only by the Grace of God’

When Judy's husband of 58 years, John, was nearing death, she prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet at his bedside. The circumstances surrounding his death seem nothing short of a Divine Mercy miracle. 

Becoming a Christian

Baptism starts a process of becoming a Christian, of conversion and sanctification. After all, there’s no upper limit on love.