Who Do You Rely Upon?

What does it mean to rely on Christ? Let's take a look. 

The Power of the Chaplet

As a prayer group in Iowa prayed the Chaplet one day for a dear friend who was on hospice care, they had no idea how miraculous their timing would be.       

Saint Faustina and the Ascension

Did you know that St. Faustina recorded in her Diary her own first-hand account of the Ascension of the Lord? 

Receiving the Eucharist More Worthily

When the coronavirus pandemic first hit, did you realize that you had been taking the Eucharist for granted? Here are some ideas to help you receive the Eucharist more worthily when you return to Mass. 

Sons of Poland, Sons of Our Lady

It’s one of the curious God-incidences of Catholic life that St. Stanislaus Papczynski and St. John Paul II were born on May 18.

Meditating on Christ's Passion

Instead of thinking so much about others, Jesus invites us to think about Him by contemplating His Passion and death. 

Thank God for Nurses

Florence Nightingale and inset photo of Marie Romagnano, MSN, RN

International Nurses Day comes at a time when the world daily acknowledges and applauds the heroic efforts of nurses who are on the front lines.

What Can You Do About It?

You may not be able to visit the sick physically, but you sure can spiritually! Here's how.