Part 2: Gluttony

Seeking direction? It doesn't have to be such a balancing act.

Saint Charbel Makhlouf, Pray for Us!

In the early 19th century, high in the mountains of Lebanon, Youssef Makhlouf dreamed of giving his life to Christ in a radical way.

Tough Love

We are summoned as Christians to put God in first place in our lives. That means we become supple to His will, and toughened against the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Saint of the Virgin and the Word

Saint Lawrence of Brindisi, a great son of Mary and scholar of the Word of God, will help you achieve the new evangelization.

Part 1: Lust

Saint John Paul II reportedly said, "Chastity is the work of a lifetime." For many of us, it may take longer than that.

She Only Speaks the Truth!

On July 16, the Church honors Mary under the title "Our Lady of Mount Carmel."

Simple Sanctity

It is that humility and God's grace which made Bonaventure a simple saint.

A True Catholic American

Some people are Christians under pretty good circumstances. And then there are those like Kateri Tekakwitha.

The Faith is Better Than We Are

How can you still be Catholic when the Church is so full of sinners? Well, that's the point, isn't it? The following is the introduction to our series.

Pray for Our Country

Does anyone doubt our country could use some angelic assistance right now? Well, why not open the door to Heaven's help?