Mercy, She Wrote

In this 85th anniversary year, why did our Lord give St. Faustina this prayer? And what promises did He extend to those who pray it? 

Finding God Behind Bars

This time the charge was attempted murder. He and his buddies broke into a home. On finding the owner armed, Eddie shot him.

Hell and God's Mercy

The doctrines on hell and God's unfathomably mercy are perfectly compatible. Let's see why. 

Medicine, Mary, and Mercy

Medical doctors Marcos and Janice Maldonado of Tampa, Florida, are an inspiring couple. Cradle Catholics and consecrated to the Blessed Mother, they serve God by serving others.  

Christian, Love Thyself

Sometimes, obedience makes us do funny things ... like love ourselves.

A Conference Call to Good Health

The virtual 16th Annual Medicine, Bioethics, and Spirituality Conference focussed on training, ministering, body, and soul.

Help for the Holy Souls

Do you have departed loved ones for whom you wish us to pray? We’d be pleased to do so.

Why Do We Light Candles?

The Catholic custom of lighting candles has its roots in early Christian times, emerging from the Church teaching that Christ is the Light of the World (see Jn 8:12).

 “A votive candle really represents our prayer before God,” says Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, director of the Association of Marian Helpers. “We join our prayers to the light of Christ, allowing that light to burn on and on in our souls, even when we cannot be in a shrine physically. Christ is the Light of the World, and when we see the light of the candles, we are reminded of that hope.”