Divine Mercy Videos

Are you afraid? Do you feel like Jesus has abandoned you? Jesus has something to say to you.

How can we show mercy if we don't understand what mercy is?

Father Seraphim Michalenko, MIC, has the answer.

Does going to Confession stress you out? You're not alone.

Have you ever been frustrated by your inability to pray well?

If you wish to make the 33-day consecration to St. Joseph ending on March 19, you need to start this Sunday (Feb. 16). Father Calloway explains.

In this Diary passage, Jesus implies that compared to the roaring fire of His love and the sea of His mercy, our misery is nothing but a little twig. Let's take a look. 

Putting God's will above our own and following His Commandments. Let's take a look. 

Sometimes God allows suffering to bring glory to his name. 

Father Chris Alar, MIC, answers the most important questions.

Do you get frustrated when things get out of your control? Take everything to Christ!

Jesus can forgive any sin for which you repent, but He asks us to make reparation for our sins, too. Let's take a look.