Divine Mercy Videos

What happens if we have been to confession and then later realize that we forgot to confess a particular sin? Is it still forgiven? What do we need to do? Fr. Ken Dos Santos, MIC, gives the answer.

Listen as this expert weighs in...

Hear Fr. Chris Alar explain what you need to know about the Crusades and its history with Islam. As Muslim expansion increased into Christian lands, was the Catholic Church morally able to respond? What is a just war and did the Crusades qualify? Separate truth from fiction.

Ever feel that God could never love you?

Hear Fr. Allen explains who can baptize and when... and whether you can baptize someone without parental consent?

Father Allen explains the proper way. 

Are You a Healthcare Worker and Afraid to Speak of God and Pray with Patients? Are you aware of the promises of praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet for the sick and Dying? Is there a need to ever call a priest?

What will happen if we are faithful to Our Lady's calls? Father Chris Alar, MIC, explains. 

Father Chris Alar, MIC, explains the importance of two days you don't want to miss.

Maureen and Bob Digan’s introduction to suffering.

We invite you to join The Marian Fathers of The Immaculate Conception in 2021 as we livestream the First Saturdays each month making reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This event includes the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Rosary, prayers, and reflections. Together we will respond wholeheartedly to the requests of Jesus and Mary to repair for the sins of the world with prayer and penance for the conversion of sinners and for peace throughout the world.

The Ark of the Covenant: Typology of Mary? Father Chris Alar, MIC, explains the connection between Mary and the Ark of the Covenant.