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Nigeria | The Divine Mercy Message from the Marians of the Immaculate Conception

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Eucharistic Apostles of The Divine Mercy


Bishop Martin Uzoukwu of the diocese of Minna has been instrumental in spreading the message of Mercy across Nigeria.

Members of the Tampa, Florida, group were privileged to be part of the First International Divine Mercy Conference in Africa, held in July 1999. Bishop Martin Uzoukwu, head of the Diocese of Minna, oversees the Divine Mercy movement in Nigeria and organized the conference held in Ibadan, Nigeria. The Most Rev. Felix Alaba Job, Archbishop of Ibadan, presided over the conference.

Brother Michael with Bryan Thatcher and conference attendees.

Groups of Divine Mercy faithful, organized into groups called Ambassadors of Divine Mercy, will use the Eucharistic Apostles formation manual to guide their spiritual formation and learn more about the Faith. Although many are lacking in material needs, their spiritual fervor is not lacking at all, as they witness on the mercy of God.

Since 1999, EADM has spread across Nigeria, and the fruits of the initial conference continue to manifest. Bishop Athanaasius A. Usuti of the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi has encouraged Rev. Father Anthony Maria Akaatenger, an attendee at the conference, to spread Divine Mercy using the EADM format. Father has a Divine Mercy resource center and ministers especially to AIDS patients. EADM has assisted him with materials, and also digging of a well in one of the villages. Father visited the EADM office in 2004 and was on Eden Hill in Stockbridge, MA, for Mercy Sunday, 2005. Father can be reached at frtonyakaatenger@yahoo.com

In addition, Bishop Hilary Paul Odili Okeke of the diocese of Nnewi, has embraced the message of mercy, and is working with EADM to assist the efforts of Rev. Father Emmanuel Okeckukwu in establishing the ministry there. Father hopes to build a Mercy Home and trade school for the poor. Father Emmanuel can be reached at fremmabio@yahoo.com

EADM has also assisted St. Zeno's Medical Clinic in Iwo. The beautiful facility is in dire need of medical supplies and equipment. Malaria and typhoid fever continue to be a major problem in Nigeria, but through education and obtaining fresh drinking water, many health problems will be alleviated.