Mercy Unbound

Episode 63 with Fr. David Gunter
In this interview Fr. David Gunter shares insights into first-century Judaism and the similarities to today.

Episode 62 with Roy Varghese
Over the centuries, Our Blessed Mother has made countless appearances to people all over the world in an attempt to bring them closer to her Son, Jesus Christ.

Episode 61 with Roy Varghese
In today’s show I will discuss with Roy Varghese his book, Contact: 50 Verifed Encounters with the Virgin Mary.

Episode 60 with Dr. Patricia Santy, MD
Dr. Patricia Santy is a retired psychiatrist and engineer, former NASA flight surgeon, feminist, and atheist.


Episode 59 with Chris Patterson
Chris Patterson is an attorney and has been active in the Church for many years.

Episode 58 with Kristin Taylor and Anita DeBiase
Kristin Taylor is the founder of Thorn Ministry. For over twenty years her team has fed the homeless every week in the Tampa Bay Area. At the time she was starting the ministry, a neighbor introduced her to Anita DeBiase, a recent widow who wanted to help.

Episode 57 with Joe Risi
In today’s interview, we hear of the healing of Joe Risi. He describes how the healing occurred through praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and details how events unfolded.

Episode 55 with Dr. Ray Guarendi
Is your marriage failing? Or is it good but you want to make it better?

Episode 54 with Ted Flynn
How the United States is headed towards Communism and not Socialism

Episode 53 with Marino Restrepo
Marino Restrepo was born in rural Colombia on a coffee plantation and moved to Bogota in the 1960’s when he was fourteen years old.


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