How Did We Get Where We Are?

Maybe you've heard of us - the Eucharistic Apostles of The Divine Mercy (EADM), a lay outreach ministry of the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception. We bring the message of The Divine Mercy to communities around the world. Working together with the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy and the Association of Marian Helpers in Stockbridge, Mass., we promote and teach the authentic forms of the message and devotion to The Divine Mercy and encourage people to live out the message of mercy in their daily lives.

In Zimbabwe, Meet Christ's Apostles

My name is Mrs. Maria Roda Munyavi. I live in Zimbabwe in Africa. I am from St. Francis Friary in Waterfalls in Harare.

I was awakened to the Divine Mercy devotion through the teachings by Josephine Matsika at charismatic meetings, at Sacred Heart guild meetings, and also through the Poor Clare Sisters at our parish.

To Our Friends ...

The following is from the director of the L'Arche Community, a cenacle in Zimbabwe.

To Our Friends,

I saw Mrs. Munyavi with Divine Mercy rosaries and pictures and we got talking. She already was a friend of L'Arche Community in Zimbabwe. We agreed to have an all-night prayer at the community. It was the most blessed and most comforting event to us. We all got to know more of the mercy of Jesus, and we got interested.


Some years ago, a priest told me that as long as I live on this earth, I will be tempted. He said there was no one that he knew of that wasn't tempted; we cannot be entirely without temptation. At the time I thought, "That sounds pretty discouraging. I sure hope he's wrong." And you know what? He was right!

Your Treasure? It's Not in There.

A couple of years ago I was helping out at my daughter's school to get the required 20 service hours for the year. The students were having a freshman retreat to get them acclimated to high school. At the time, my daughter attended a private parochial school, and the fees were high enough that children from poor families could attend only if they were on scholarship. When the students were introducing themselves, an episode occurred that I will never forget.

A Story for the Unbeliever

By Lorie Sage (Sept. 7, 2010)

My step father, Bruce, went into the North Kansas City Hospital for a hernia operation this past July 16, on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The surgery was a success, but while in the recovery room talking to my mom, he suffered a heart attack. He was without oxygen for 12 minutes before they could revive him.

'Come Back to God'

As many of you know, in the story of the Prodigal Son as found in Luke Chapter 15, the son asked the father for his share of the inheritance without waiting for the father to die. The son packed his belongings and left to a far away country where he squandered all the money. Because of famine, he found himself hungry and working with swine. He decided to go back to the father, asking for forgiveness. While he was yet at a distance, the father saw him and embraced him. The father asked for the best robe, put a ring on the son's finger, and asked for the fatted calf to be killed.

Trust Even When All Is Not Well

These last few years have been difficult for many. It seems everyone I talk to is going through some sort of trial. Many feel they've come to the end of their rope. It may be financial difficulties, divorce, poor health, a death in the family, disappointment with teenagers, loneliness, relapse of addictions, and more.

The list keeps going, and the trials can be overwhelming. It's so easy to trust in God when all is well. When the world caves in around us, however, it represents a serious challenge.

How do we trust in such times? How do we handle the trials?

What Humility Isn't

It seems easier to define humility by what it isn't rather than by what it is. We know that in today's world of consumerism and materialism, humility is often viewed as a sign of weakness. Being meek and humble of heart is not a weakness! Scripture tells us "...whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted" (Mt 23:12). But do we really believe it, and even more importantly, do we practice it?

God, Neighbor, and Self. Now Put Them All Together.

I want to first share with you a few thoughts on reconciliation. The Divine Mercy message calls us to a conversion of the heart. Many of us find reconciliation with a loved one, friend, or co-worker very difficult. We say we forgive and forget, but we seldom forgive and rarely forget. We hold on to anger and lack real forgiveness in our hearts. Many of us fear going to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, as we are embarrassed by our sins, and keep putting off going to this wonderful sacrament of mercy.


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