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In Zimbabwe, Meet Christ's Apostles

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My name is Mrs. Maria Roda Munyavi. I live in Zimbabwe in Africa. I am from St. Francis Friary in Waterfalls in Harare.

I was awakened to the Divine Mercy devotion through the teachings by Josephine Matsika at charismatic meetings, at Sacred Heart guild meetings, and also through the Poor Clare Sisters at our parish.

Eventually, in 2000 or 2001, our parish priest, Fr. Leslaw together with the Poor Clare Sisters introduced the practice of praying of the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy before the celebration of Mass every Sunday. The chaplet had been translated into Shona, our native language.

As time went by, I began to learn a little more about Divine Mercy. I spoke to some ladies at church about forming a Divine Mercy prayer group. It took us six months to have our first meeting with the priest. The priest later advised us to hold all-night prayer meetings. We are still doing that monthly.

We also hold an annual all-night prayer meeting at a home for the disabled, disadvantaged, and abandoned children. The home is called L'Arche. These children are an integral part of us. Recently, a group from another parish, called Uganda Matryrs in Harare, has joined us at our all-night prayer meetings. This group is very big — 60, with children of various ages who meet daily to pray the chaplet and also pray novenas. The Lord directed them to us. They wanted to go deeper and learn more about Divine Mercy.

Basically our parish program consists of the monthly all-night prayers, which begin with Holy Mass and include the praying of the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy. We also take the opportunity during these meetings to distribute Divine Mercy material when it is available. We also have a large image of The Divine Mercy that we lend to families for nine days at a time. The image is always on the move blessing different families. As part of our parish outreach for the coming year we intend to start a Eucharistic Apostles of The Divine Mercy cenacle at our parish.

In our effort to expand the propagation of the devotion to Divine Mercy we talked to our parish priest who gave us permission to approach our spiritual center of Rockwood. The sister at Rockwood — then, Sr. Pauline Kapfondo — allowed us to hold a Divine Mercy retreat, the first-ever of its kind at the center. That was in June 2005. A committee was formed to propagate the devotion in the whole Archdiocese of Harare. Since then, the committee holds workshops three times a year. We try to reach out to the whole archdiocese. Some people have become permanent members of these workshops. Some come a few times, but there are always new people. We have held the celebration of the Feast of Mercy (Divine Mercy Sunday) every year since then as well.

We encourage all who come to propagate the devotion in their parishes as well. On our last workshop our committee chairperson/facilitator, Mrs. Takapfuma, taught and encouraged people to form cenacles of Divine Mercy at parishes, sections and homes. It was also decided that instead of people coming only to Rockwood Spiritual Center, the committee would go at the invitation of parishes to hold workshops as a way of spreading the devotion to all people. We have also gone to some parishes, but not many. We hope and pray to reach out to many through the archdiocese podium since now our Pastoral Vicar Fr. Kampira encourages us to go on with the work of Divine Mercy. The response to our outreach has not been as strong as we had anticipated as many do not yet understand what the devotion means and even resist it. Our final hope is to bring all practicing the devotion together and follow one way as given to Sr. Faustina.

Another way I have used to propagate the devotion is to enlist people with Jay Hastings of the 24-Hour Chaplet of Divine Mercy prayer group who encourages the praying of the chaplet 24 hours a day for the intentions of promotion of the devotion, for the sick and dying, and for those who may commit mortal sin. Jay Hastings agreed to my request to post to people here in Zimbabwe his group's monthly newsletter as a way for them to read and learn about the devotion. May the Almighty bless him. Most of the people here don't have the Internet or e-mail and cannot afford to buy Divine Mercy material when it is available in our bookshops, especially when the economy was really bleak in our country. The newsletters have helped a lot as people give testimonies of how they are touched.

We are reaching a new level of Divine Mercy propagation, i.e. through the Divine material I have received from Jay (donated by Nick Stidham's family) and from Bryan Thatcher of Eucharistic Apostles of the Divine Mercy. (May God bless them.) These books are helping with the formation of Divine Mercy cenacles for young people. Even for our all-night prayer meetings, we can use this guided material for study and prayers to become true Divine Mercy apostles.
I write to many people throughout the world through e-mail in an effort to procure Divine Mercy material to hand out as way of propagating the devotion. From Bryan Thatcher I have received material to give to priests as a way of involving them. We need material. It is crucial to the propagation, but as I said before it is either unavailable or the little that is available is expensive to many of our people. My prayer is that one day we may have a Divine Mercy office properly equipped, maybe with an Internet center, and a library full of Christian material to help evangelize to all.

For the celebration of the Feast of Mercy next year we have encouraged our youth and vocation leaders to put the Feast on their program, which they have done, and they plan to hold the feast at deanery level. We are trying to use the structures of the church to outreach and propagate the devotion. But the biggest of all is still to come, a Divine Mercy convention in our country! I hope and pray that all this will be for God and souls unto eternal life. May The Divine Mercy be glorified throughout the world.

Learn how to start a Divine Mercy cenacle in your area.

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Mumwiro - Aug 16, 2016

Jesus I trust in you

Rumbi - Oct 29, 2013

Can anyone please upload the novena to the divine mercy in Shona please, amai vangu vanoidawo.

Elizabeth Nyabasa - Jan 25, 2011

I am also one of those have received favours through the Divine Mercy Chaplet. What I have failed to do is to a group formed through my parish. I need assistance in the form of prayers to achieve this. I wish there could be many of us talking to Jesus through the Divine Mercy. I am so blessed, Rhoda and others keep up the sterling work of bringing others to the Almighty.